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Guangdong Aokly Power Co., Ltd

Guangdong Aokly Power Co., Ltd. is a professional lead acid battery manufacturer in Guangdong, China, 16 years in the field manufacturing lead acid batteries, 10 series storage battery, including sealed lead acid battery (VRLA2V, 6V, 12V series, mainly used in security system, alarm system, uninterruptible power supplier(UPS), Solar system, electric powered bicycle and wheelchairs, scooter, motorcycle( We specially commend this type of battery for electric powered vehicle for its long time service and lifespan. )emergency lighting system, communication equipment, telecommunication control equipment, electric power station, solar powered and wind powered system act. Deep cycle battery for golf car, 8V battery capacity from 130AH . . .

Fuan City Gexin Storage Battery Co., Ltd

Fuan City GeXin Storage Battery CO.,LTD. Located in the section of NO.104 national highway,lies in Fuan city, the famous MinDong Electrical Machinery and Appliances city, with total area is 1000 square meters. It's a professional storage battery company consisting of scientific research, manufacture and sale. Now has two imternational trade marks: GeXin and YiHua brands. The company has been making efforts to improve the workers' fiber, and adhere to the ISO9002 quality administration system carefully. We have full set of testing equipments, and pay much attention to the quality of the products, do our best to supply the quality storage battery on the basis of Not to be the biggest but the best.The characteristics of GeXin and YiHua brand storage battery: Non-pullution Small inner resistance Low self-discharge The comparison of capacity is strong the preserve of charge is strong Long service life and the use life is 1.5-2 times of traditional battery. Meanwhile, our company take on the manufactures of non-brand battery,and trust processing as per the customer's requirement.

Maxton Power Tech Co., Ltd.

Maxton, is a professional manufacturer of Lead Acid rechargeable battery in the design, manufacture, and supply the clean and green batteries & energy in the global market for a wide range of applications, Maxton was set up in China in 2000year, and now has 2 plants (one in Guangdong province, another is in Shandong province). Combining industrial experience, innovative product development and knowledge-based services, Maxton has set the standard for dependable and maintenance-free, Advanced VRLA battery.

Electric Vehicle Power System Technology Co., Ltd

Electric Vehicle Power System Technology Co., Ltd(EVPST) is a professional manufacturer and exporter of LiFePo4 battery with more than 8-year industrial experience. Our company is specializing in LiFePo4 battery research, development and manufacture, covering an area of 20, 000 square meters, EVPST is one of the best Lithium-ion battery manufacture companies with the most-advance technology and the best RD team in China. EVPST attaches great importance to scientific innovation, has succeeded in possessing 12 invention & utility patents and applying for another 10 more scientific patents. The products cover four series, which is including LiFePo4 battery, Polymer LiFePo4 battery, Prismatic LiFePo4, Cylindrical LiFePo4 battery. . . .

Fanso Battery

Fanso Battery is a leading ISO9001 compliant primary lithium battery manufacturer, specialising in a complete size range of cylindrical 3. 6V Li-SOCl2 and 3. 0V Li-MnO2 batteries, like 1/2AA, AA, A, 2/3A, C, D, CC, DD, as well as ultra thin soft pack cells specially for RFID acitve tags. They are perfect power solutions to small to large pulse applications and can operate excellently at -55â� to +165â�. Our batteries have CE, UL, UN, Rohs appoved. OEM/ODM welcome !

Greencisco Industrial Co., Ltd.

Greencisco Industrial Co. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of UPS, ( EPS )Emergency Power Supplies, solar inverter, solar power system, solar street lights, solar controllers, stabilizer, DC Power Systems, Batteries, frequency converter in China. They can protect for home and small offices, business networks, data centers and facilities against some of the leading causes of downtime, data loss, hardware damage and other power problems. Company has passed ISO9001:2000. All of our products have passed CE, CUL, FCC certificates, which are sold to USA, European countries, South America, Middle East and so on.

Huitong Industry Co., Ltd. (Xiamen office)

We are an ISO9002 & CE & UL certified battery manufacturer with 9 years experience in China.Insisting on the strict qualtiy control system of ISO9002,which makes sure the superior quality of our each battery before factory with a large capacity of 4,200,000pcs per year. Please find our battery series as follows: 1. Conventional flooded motorcycle battery (6V & 12V such as YB4L-B, 6N4-2A-4,12N9-4B-1). 2. Sealed maintenance free motorcycle battery (Ranging from YTR4A-BS 12V/2.3Ah to YTX20-BS 12V/20Ah). 3. Standard & MF type automotive battery (JIS type & DIN type). Please feel free to contact us if you have any particular requirments,we would be pleased to furnish you with detail technical information of our battery.

Shenzhen Center Power Tech. CO., LTD

I 'd like to introduce ourself as a leading VRLA battery manufacturer in China, our Shenzhen Center Power Tech. Co., ltd( VISION BATTERY) has served the sealed lead acid battery industrial for more than 25 years. Our Gel series, and deep cycle series batteries are widely used in solar application. Our partners include APC-MGE, Emerson-Chloride, EATON Santak, GE Digital Energy, EXIDE, Rocket, and other world famous manufacturers for UPS battery, Emergency lighting battery. solar energy storage battery. etc. Sincerely we are willing to build a long-term relation with you. Please kindly let us know the possibility.

Shenzhen Guixiang Battery Technology Co., Ltd.

The demand for maintenance-free rechargeable seal lead-acid GEL and AGM batteries for electronic & electric devices, telecommunication & transportation equipment, medical and portable tools is increasing steadily per year in energy industries. Our company SHENZHEN GUIXIANG BATTERY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. was established as a joint venture between PRIMAPOWER BATTERY CO., LTD. and GUIXIANG BATTERY CO., LTD., both are leading manufacturers in the battery industries. In order to maintain its position as a market leader in the industry, the company has set up a state-of-art R&D centre to improve the respective technological know-how of both companies. Since the foundation of the joint venture, PRIMAPOWER has taken its priority in design an...

EVERCEL (China) Inc.

Fortune Medical Supplies Co., Ltd.

Narada Licom Power Tech. (Shanghai)Co., Ltd

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