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J & A Electronics (China) Co., Ltd

Professional rechargeable battery manufacturer in China, with over 10 years customize battery experiences. Thousands of Lithium ion, Lithium Polymer, LiFePO4 & Ni-Mh batteries for different kinds of portable/wireless consumer electronic products like Tablet PC, Mobile POS terminal, Wearable Technology Products, R/C Toys, E-cigarettes, Portable Power-Tools, Solar LED Lights System, Smart Phones, PDA, Wireless Vaccum Cleaner, Portable Barcode Label Printer, Game Player, Ultra Flashligh, Blue-Tooth Headset, Power Bank etc. Available capacity of single cell widely range from 10mAh to 6000mAh in different sizes. Production workshop locate at in-land China, we save costs & offer value-added battery products.

BYD Battery Co. Ltd.

We are the third largest rechargeable battery manufacturer and leader in the world specializing in ni-mh, ni-cd, li-ion, lead acid cells and chargers with a wide range of applications in power tools, toys, digital cameras, mobile phones, cordless phones etc. We can supply our customers with most competitive prices and good quality.

Leopro Technology Company Limited

Leopro Technology Co Ltd, is one of the leading battery manufacturer in the mainland china with over 2000 workers and 30 experienced management. We able to become your production role to develop your different kind of products to fit your market / product needs.

Able New Energy Co., Ltd

After the reorgnization in year 2003, Able New Energy Co., Ltd becomes one of the biggiest manufacturer of hi-tech lithium primary batteries in China. Products mainly include Lithium Thionyl Chloride battery (ER series),Lithium Manganese Dioxide battery (CR series) and Lithium Sulfur Dioxide battery (WR series). Espeially the ER button cell is one of the main source of the two manufacturers in the world, and A9V the 9V lithium manganese dioxide cell is also one of the main source of the only two manufacturers in the world. And its newly developed and the latest technology of soft packaging lithium manganese dioxide cell makes its soft packaging CR cells become as the only sources in the world. The latest technology avoids all the s.....

Ankao (Hangzhou) Energy Co., Ltd.

Ankao (Hangzhou) Energy Co., Ltd. is a professional lithium-ion battery power supply system solution provider. Using the world ' s unique and patented technology of pack assembly without spotwelding, this new technique drastically minimize the potential dangers of high capacity lithium packs. Three years of tests in the field in Hangzhou with over 500 electric powered busesthat operated over 300, 000 Km by our battery packs have perfectly proved the reliability of the products. Concentrating on high power type 18650 lithium-ion cell manufacturing, using dynamic consistency control technology, cell defected rate is limited as low as one in 100, 000 units, the product has good consistency, long cycle life and low internal impedance characteri...

BoFuNeng Battery Co., Ltd

Shenzhen BoFuNeng Battery Co.,Ltd. is a Hi-Tech enterprise specialize in research & development, manufacturing and sales of Ni-MH & NI-CD (Cylindrical&Prismatic) rechargeable batteries and Ni-cd Cylindrical rechargeable batteries, as well as Ni-MH button cells & battery packs, battery charger. Our products major applications: Electric Bicycle & Scooter Communications(Cellular phones, Cordless phones, Transceivers,Interphone,Microphone), Information Devices (Laptop, PDAs, Portable Fax Machines), Audio & Video Devices (DV, Digital Cameras, Camcorder,Portable DVD,VCD, MD &CD players), R/C Products & Other Equipment (R/C Toys, Shavers, Massage, Vacuum Cleaners, Emergency Lighting, Power Tools, etc).

DBK Electronics Co., Ltd

we are a professional rechargeable battery and charger manufacturer and exporter, specializing in battery chargers and LI-ION , LI-POLYMER,NIMH ,NICD rechargeable batteris and battery packs and chargers . They are widely used in consumer electronics such as digital cameras , power toys,cordless phones etc. Now our products are being exported to many countries worldwide.

EEMB Battery Co, Ltd.

EEMB Battery Co, . Ltd is a leading battery manufacturer in China, specialized in not only primary batteries, such as Lithium Manganese Dioxide battery, Lithium Thionyl Chloride battery, Li-SO2 battery; but also rechargeable batteries, such as Li-ion, Li-polymer batteries and NiMH batteries. Our products are ISO 9000 certified, and UL approved. Besides, EEMB batteries are insured by Allianz Insurance Company.

Firstar Battery Co., Ltd

Firstar Battery Co., Ltd is a specialize manufacturer of rechargeable batteries, our company offering full range of Nickel Cadmium and Nickel Metal Hydride cylindrical and prismatic batteries. The aim of our company is to produce high quality products at discount and competitive prices to our customers' satisfaction. Our company was founded in 1999, located in Shenzhen, dedicated to utilising the lastest technology in order to provide the most innovative, effective and econimical battery solutions available. Advanced management and rich experiences researchers could guanrantee the quality and continuous develop. Each and every battery are produced with stringent quality controls to ensure zero defects and products durability. We display a great variety. Our batteries are widely applicable in industries and commercial use, such as cordless telephones, portable powered tools, emergency lighting, R/C toys, wireless meters and instrumentation, and so on. ! We !extend the warmest welcome to our friends all over the world.

Howell Energy Co., Ltd

Howell Energy co., ltd is professional battery manufacturer, who focus on Li-ion, Li-polymer, NI-MH, NI-CD and SLA ect rechargeable batteries, include PCM and the wireless power system solution. Our company has 10 years experience in battery R&D producing and the oversea market, our products are welcome in whole word, besides the company to the quality strict control to win the widespread influence particular in the market. Our product include mobile phone battery small quick battery note-book computer battery GPS battery the MP3/MP4 battery the duplicate reading battery machine battery the miner's lamp battery the intercom battery the camera battery the photographic camera battery the OEM mobile phone the DVD factory makes the battery. . ....

HUANYU Power Source Co.,Ltd

Dear Clients, If have any Rechargeable battery power requirements from your devices & market,Here is pleasure to serve you. As you know,We HUANYU Power Source Co.,Ltd are leading & the largest manufacturer of secondary battery in China. We can meet customer's the best selective requirements in secondary battery industry by all sizes as follows: Valve regulated Lead Acid battery (2V,4V,6V,8V,10V,12V ..Series) (1.Stationary SLA battery; 2.Portable SLA battery; 3.Main power use SLA battery; 4,Glue SLA battery,5,Motorcycle use SLA battery) Nickel-Cadmium battery & Nickel-Metal Hydride battery (A,AAA,AA,C,D,SC,F..Series) (Standard/General Series,High Rate Discharge Series,Low Temperature Series) Li-ion Battery(Prismatic & Cylindrical series) We gained UL & CE recognition, ISO9001-2000 Certification, ISO 14001 Certification,OVONICS,,,, All service is very good. You can rest assured that our excellent quality & credit. More details please you visit our website with thanks. If you have any requirements about Battery Power,Please do not hesitate to inform us your details,Here is very pleasure to serve you. we believe that can meet your kind wishes in this lines. Thanks for your time & Have a nice day Yours sincerely Mr.Steven Jong

Hunan Corun Hi-Tech Co.,Ltd

We are a Ni-Mh and Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries manufacturer in China. Now we had gained CE, UL, ISO9000, ISO14000 and RBRC certifications. We welcome your to visit our website: For more information, please do not hesitate to contact with us.

JiangMen J.J.J Battery Co.,Ltd.

JiangMen J.J.J Battery Co.,Ltd. was the first national enterprise that produces and sells the rechargeable foamed Ni-Cd batteries, and it was funded by HIT(Harbin Institute of Technology),China KZ High Technology Co., LTD and Technological Innovation Corp. of China in 1989. The company was engaged in producing large-scale Ni-Cd,Ni-MH, Lithium ion batteries and exploiting & manufacturing the related products. Occupying an area of 36000 sq. meters ,the company has been a high&new technology enterprise of Guangdong province since 1992 and been named a high&new technology enterprise of China Torch Program in 1999. Total assets exceed RMB 200 millions. As everyone knows we have the top-ranking level of management and win a good reputation among the users both at home and abroad. When ISO9000 Quality standard changed its version, We took the lead in passing through the qualification of New ISO9001 International Quality System in 2001. The company has organized R&D, manufacturing and marketing into a integral body, adopts the development program that have the J.J.J's feature and propels effectively corporation and intercourse with colleges. It comes into existence that the J.J.J Postdoctoral Workstation, HIT Scientific Research Workstation, HIT-J.J.J Postgraduate Workstation and Guangdong Provincial Engineering Technique R&D center, etc., the institutions establish the consistent foundation that can provide technical support for the company's further progress. We believe %22there is no lasting working machine, but we can supply infinite impetus%22. A whole staff in J.J.J company wants to go ahead and create a better future with you!!!

Jiaxing Hi-Energy Battery Factory

Jiaxing Hi-Energy Battery Factory was established in 1995, which is a share holding Co., Ltd. with 12, 000 square meters construction and over 250 staff members. After tens of years' development, our factory has become a large-scaled and well-known company in its field. Now, we can yearly produce 400 million batteries, including various kinds of Zinc-manganese batteries, alkaline batteries, bottom cells and rechargeable batteries, and we also provide correlative service for customers of charger and flashlight. We are the member of Chinese National Standard Committee of Primary Battery. We have a rich source of technical and experience. The main managers of departments and technique all have tens of years' experience in management and manufa...

KBS Corporation

KBS Corporation specializes in the development, manufacturing and marketing of Mobile Phone battery,Digital Camera/Video Camcorder battery,Ni-CD ,Ni-MH batteries and Lithium polymer battery, Our products are widely used in mobile phones, cordless phones, two-way radios, telecommunication equipment,digital cameras, video cameras, notebooks, PDAs, MP3 players,R/C toys, emergency lightings, shavers, electric toothbrushes, power tools and other applications. Our 10000 square meter factory houses nine production lines equipped with SMT, reflux welder, and plastic injection machines. A production staff of 500 keeps our production lines running to ensure large production capacity and prompt delivery. More than 50% of our output is shipped to A...

Ningbo BaoWang Battery Co., Ltd.International Sales and Marketing Shanghai Headquarters

Ningbo Baowang Battery Co., a professsional manufacturer of producing varouis kind of battery includes alkaline battery,carbon-zinc battery,ni-cadium battery,Ni-MH battery,lead-acid battery etc. ISO 9001 ISO 14000 Certificate UL and CE certified.we are seeking for long term business partner to make business.please please send your inquiry.your prompt response will be highly appreciated.

Power Source Energy Co., Ltd

Credit battery Supplier Since 1984. ISO Battery Factory with UL Prove : UL Proved lithium Polymer Battery and Lithium Polymer Battery packs. Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries and Battery Packs (Ni-Mh, NiMh, Battery) AA 2600mAh ; Li-ion Battery in Cylindrical Shape: ICR18650 2600mAh ICR 18650 2400mah ICR18650 2200mAh ICR17670 1400mAh ICR14500 700mAh, ICR13490 650mAh li-ion packs, Lithium ion Battery Packs from 2Pcs of ICR18650 at 7. 2V 2200mAh; Lithium Polymer Battery for Bluetooth handset; Lithium Polymer Battery for Mobile Phone Lithium Polymer Battry for R/C Toys, 60C 22. 2V 5000mah lithium Polymer Battery Packs for RC Use. Lithium Polymer Battery for Notebook Computer; Lithium-ion Polymer Battery for Emergency Light; Lithium-ion Polymer, li...

Promax Battery Industries Limited.

Promax Battery Industries Limited. carries a full line of Extra Long-Life batteries and brands to suit your needs, with the Japan-technology automatic production lines. The ever popular Super Alkaline Batteries: LR20, LR14, LR6, LR03, 6LR61, LR1 are the longest lasting batteries around. The ALCALINE type batteries are one of the most expensive of the classes, but far surpass the performance of anything less. Your customers will see the difference and in today's market, everyone wants Alkaline. The SUPER HEAVY DUTY type batteries are made of Zinc Chloride and do not last as long as alkaline batteries, but are also less expensive. These are the perfect batteries for low drain de. . .

Runway Power HK Co., Limited

RUNWAY POWER HK CO., Limited is a HK and USA based company, Runway sells various brands of field and lab equipment and supplies. We distribute and manufacture. We have been supplying the following Products world wide. Such as Hach, Hanna, Lamotte WTW Fluke Drager Orion UEi SEI Medcom, Ohaus, Berthold, Raytek, Oakton and so on. We also carry other lines according to the customer's requirement. If you did find what you want, Call us or email us. We have the most competitive price in US and China on above major productsPlease feel free to contact us with any quotation or questions you may have. We will back to you ASAP.

Sanchuan Electronic Technology

Zhuhai Sanchuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is a professional battery factory and exporter in china. Established in 2000. there have more than 40000 square metre for total. and 20000 square for production line. our daily output over 200000 pcs, Our quality control system is ISO9001. manufacture all kinds NI-MH. NI-CD rechargeable battery and BATTERY PACK. such as AAA AA A SC C D F series. battery pack include 2.4v, 3.6v, 4.8v, 6.0v ÉÉ We have got CE and ROHS certificate .60 % product export to Europe south America, middle east and south Africa .OEM. ODM always will be welcome. if interest invest china to be join venture also be welcome. we are looking forward to building good business relationship with all over customs.

Seiden Battery

We are one of the leading battery manufactures in china.Our main products are NI-MH,NI-CD,Li-ion, Li-polymer batteries.We have got CE and RoHS certificate .60 % product export to Europe south America, middle east and south Africa .OEM. ODM always will be welcome. If you need these kinds of batteries pls email us freely. Hope we can help you!

Shenzhen Jumbo Tech. Develop. Co., Ltd.

We mainly manages battery products. We can handle all your orders, including assemble our batteries for your any requirement. Oems are warmly welcomed. We promise to supply our customer best quality products with excellent service and most competitive price. Include: Ni-Cd Battery Ni-Mh Battery Drycell batteries Lead-acid batteries Lithium Mn Battery Button Battery AAA (LR03) battery AA (LR6) battery please visit to

Shenzhen Suppower Tech. Co., Ltd

Shenzhen SupPwer Tech. CO.,LTD. is a high-technical professional enterprise of engaging in the research ,applicationÁ¢production and market of a complete range of rechargeable batteries ,batteries packs, different kinds of advanced power supplies and home alarm products £®The company workshop area is more than 13,500 square meters .There are more than 1450 R&D, FAB and QC teams and the company workshop is equipped with all kinds of production machinery over 200 sets . Batteries including: Nicd/Nimh battery packs, SLA batteries, Li-ion batteries, mobile phone battery pack, digital camera / camcorder battery Pack, Portable DVD/notebook PC battery. Power supplies including charger, adapter, PC power, open frame etc. And with telecom/se...

ShenZhen YuYing Battery Technology Co.,Ltd

ShenZhen YuYing Battery Technology Co., Ltd devote our mind to lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery(Li-ion Polymer) & Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH)rechargeable battery research and manufacturing and marketing. Company founded in May 2001 & have attained accreditation certificates for ISO9001-2000,CE,UL,FCC.SGS. covers an area of 30,000 square meter and empolying more than 1500 workers.The company has set marketing office in HongKong and USA. YuYing Battery has a powerful research and development team. With the advanced technology introduced from foreign countries, and after long-term development and technical innovation, we have owned a unique intellectual property and have obtained several polymer lithium battery & Ni-MH battery...

Sichuan Changhong Battery Co., Ltd.

Sichuan Changhong Battery Co., Ltd. ( National Factory No. 756 ), a subsidiary of Sichuan Changhong Electronics Group Corp., is the biggest modern combined professional developer and manufacturer of alkaline rechargeable batteries for military and civil uses in China. With strong technical background and equipment imported from VARTA AG. Germany, the staffs are well trained, hardworking and responsible with all respects. CHANGHONG branded Nickel-Cadmium, Nickel-Iron, Silver-Zinc and NiMH alkaline rechargeable batteries, over 300 models of products, are characterized as long service life, high power density, perfect performance of high and low temperature, satisfactory mechanical property and stable discharge voltage, extensively used as DC power for communication, railways, aircraft, engine starting and solar energy systems. CHANGHONG is the appointed manufacturer of military alkaline Nickel-Cadmium batteries, appointed manufacturer of vented pocket type Ni!-Cd batteries of the Railways Ministry of China, CHANGHONG sintered Ni-Cd prismatic batteries are the first choice of alkaline clients. Our products from our imported production lines are the only one to replace imported batteries in China. Battery chargers and battery production equipment can also be provided respectively. Sichuan Changhong Battery Co., Ltd. has been on the way to manage her business firmly according to international practices and our products have been exported to more than 20 countries these years. Quality first and our clients' requirements first, ISO-9001 certificate was awarded. We are trying hard to promote and develop the battery industry of China. We have full confidence in our products, we are and we shall, of course, be responsible for the quality and performance of our products. Your kind inquiry and contact will be welcome and highly appreciated.

Sunrise Power Source (Huixian)Co., Ltd

Sunrise Power Source(HUIXIAN)CO., LTD was founded in 1998, with more than 500 employees today working at the factory which located in Xinxiang City, Henan Province, China. Actually 90% of the Ni-Cd Batteries and Ni-MH Batteries are manufactured in China then export to the world, most of them are manufactured in Xinxiang City as the mineral materials are cheap at here. We also have branch office in Shenzhen City with a focus on international deals. We have a comparative advantage at producing AA, AAA, SC, 2/3AA, C, and D size Ni-Cd and Ni-MH rechargeable battery cells and packs, our daily production capacity is 300, 000pcs. PS:The combination shape and capacity of battery can be customized according to your demand. Please let us know your us...

Super Military Battery

Main military battery factory in China.

Unimight Battery Co., Ltd.

Unimight Battery Co., Ltd. is located in Jiangmen City Guangdong Province, near to Hong Kong and Macao. With the facilities in both transportation and foreign trading, we have been known for many years in the manufacture and exportation of many kinds of batteries. We have established business relations with the customers all over the world. Our products have got a good reputation in her customers by the superior quality products, most competitive price and the best service. We sincerely hope to receive your prompt response.

Unitech Battery Limited

Unitech Battery Co. has over 5 years experience in producing Nickel Cadmium , Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeable batteries , assemble battery packs used in cordless phones, cellular phones, flash light,two-way radios, R/C toys, emergency lightings, power tools, household appliances, office equipments and OEM markets as a professional factory.we have 4buildings and each building has five floors. We are the biggest factory in Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeable battery.All our products have quality warranty. UL, CE and ISO9001 registrations. Our price is good and quality is good also.

Vapex Technology Limited

VAPEX, we have demonstrated not only the technical capabilities, but also the determination to lead the markets.

Wetech Industrial Corp., Ltd

WETECH INDUSTRIAL CORP., LTD, is a leading manufacturer providing a wide range of Energy and power products and professional value-added service for the global market. We design and develop the battery and charger products combining the most advanced power control technology in the world, which is subsequent with the development of the energy industry. We also walk in the front of battery and charger technology and innovation. In just one year, we have grown up to one of the pioneer supplier of power products in the world. Our factory was established at the end of 1999 with a manufacturing facility of around 10,000 square meters, and production capabilities of 100 K pcs per day. ISO 9001 approved. From 1999 to now, we have got the great ...

Wintonic Battery & Magnet Co., Ltd.

WINTONIC Battery & Magnet Co., Ltd. is a multiple high technological enterprise which professionally researches and manufactures rechargeable batteries(Ni-Cd, Ni-MH). It has strong technique and advanced equipment is a specialized company for the development production and sales-running of rechargeable butteries. Since 1994 the company was founded. Our company had passed ISO9002 quality certificate and insurance system and UL authentication in USA. Our production capacity is more than 300 million batteries. Welcome to browse our website: Your early reply is appreciate by us. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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