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Guangdong Aokly Power Co., Ltd

Guangdong Aokly Power Co., Ltd. is a professional lead acid battery manufacturer in Guangdong, China, 16 years in the field manufacturing lead acid batteries, 10 series storage battery, including sealed lead acid battery (VRLA2V, 6V, 12V series, mainly used in security system, alarm system, uninterruptible power supplier(UPS), Solar system, electric powered bicycle and wheelchairs, scooter, motorcycle( We specially commend this type of battery for electric powered vehicle for its long time service and lifespan. )emergency lighting system, communication equipment, telecommunication control equipment, electric power station, solar powered and wind powered system act. Deep cycle battery for golf car, 8V battery capacity from 130AH . . .

Fuan City Gexin Storage Battery Co., Ltd

Fuan City GeXin Storage Battery CO.,LTD. Located in the section of NO.104 national highway,lies in Fuan city, the famous MinDong Electrical Machinery and Appliances city, with total area is 1000 square meters. It's a professional storage battery company consisting of scientific research, manufacture and sale. Now has two imternational trade marks: GeXin and YiHua brands. The company has been making efforts to improve the workers' fiber, and adhere to the ISO9002 quality administration system carefully. We have full set of testing equipments, and pay much attention to the quality of the products, do our best to supply the quality storage battery on the basis of Not to be the biggest but the best.The characteristics of GeXin and YiHua brand storage battery: Non-pullution Small inner resistance Low self-discharge The comparison of capacity is strong the preserve of charge is strong Long service life and the use life is 1.5-2 times of traditional battery. Meanwhile, our company take on the manufactures of non-brand battery,and trust processing as per the customer's requirement.

Leopro Technology Company Limited

Leopro Technology Co Ltd, is one of the leading battery manufacturer in the mainland china with over 2000 workers and 30 experienced management. We able to become your production role to develop your different kind of products to fit your market / product needs.

MCA Battery Manufacture Co Ltd

MCA Batteries are renowned for their name in providing the best and the most advanced batteries. We have a complete range of high performance batteries suitable for all kinds of industrial, commercial and domestic purposes.

AAA Power Co., Ltd.

AAA Power,has been specializing in reseaching, developing, manufacturing and marketing VRLA batteries for UPS, telecommunication system, emergency lighting, alarm and security system, solar power system etc. for more than 8 years. Welcome customers domestic and abroad to establish business cooperation with mutual benefits.

Able New Energy Co., Ltd

After the reorgnization in year 2003, Able New Energy Co., Ltd becomes one of the biggiest manufacturer of hi-tech lithium primary batteries in China. Products mainly include Lithium Thionyl Chloride battery (ER series),Lithium Manganese Dioxide battery (CR series) and Lithium Sulfur Dioxide battery (WR series). Espeially the ER button cell is one of the main source of the two manufacturers in the world, and A9V the 9V lithium manganese dioxide cell is also one of the main source of the only two manufacturers in the world. And its newly developed and the latest technology of soft packaging lithium manganese dioxide cell makes its soft packaging CR cells become as the only sources in the world. The latest technology avoids all the s.....

Asian Battery (Shenzhen ) Co., Ltd

lithium ion batteries, rechargeable batteries, industrial batteries, renewable energy system batteries, lithium batteries, medical equipment batteries, Lithium Ion Battery Cells Manufacturer from Asian Battery (Shenzhen)Co., Ltd

CBB Battery Technology Co Ltd

CBB provides energy storage solutions for Telecommunication, PowerUtility, UPS, Renewable Energy industries and automotive batteries replacements globally. As batteries are the key fundamental energy storage solution and engine starting power, and considered as the last line of protection, CBB assures thatthe products are robust and highly reliable. With our International Sales Centre In Guangzhou, China, CBB has two factories, focusing on production of Valve Regulated sealed lead acid battery and Automotive starting batteries separately. With the Strong production capacity of 10million KVAH peryear, we not only guarantee the shortest lead time within 20-40 days, but also offer you the factory bottom price and good quality. All equipped wit...

CCB Industrial Battery Co.Ltd.

CCB Industrial Battery Co.,Ltd.manufactures high-quality Valve Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) Batteries with battery sizes ranged from 0.5Ah to 3000Ah capacity, including 2V series, 4V series, 6V series and 12V series, including standard range (MD/CD series), communication series (TD series), deep cycle (DD series) , high rate (HD series for UPS system), Gel range. The products are being taken advantage of various industrial field , such as Telecommunications, Power System , UPS System, Switchgear, Fire & Security Alarm System ,Electric Appliance, and Solar Energy markets on five continents. CCB provides high quality batteries and related products from its locations to the worldwide markets.

China Greencell Battery Co,.Ltd.

A battery manufacturer which specialize in research, development, manufacturing & sales of Ni-MH, Li-ion,lead Acid rechargeable batteries, as well as all types of battery packs for your Laptop, Digital Cameras,Unversal External battery,Electric-Bicycle etc. Our professional technical GREENCELL Power Source Co., Ltd. is a battery manufacturer which specialize in research, development, manufacturing & sales of battery packs and chargers for digital cameras battery, video cameras battery, portable computers battery or laptop battery & 24V & 36V NI-MH battery for E-bicycle. Our professional technical staffs can design the most up-to-date battery packs of the highest quality as customer's request. Over 500 models are available in competitive p...

Coopower Battery Industrial Co., Ltd.

We are a leading and professional manufacture of all models of Valve regulated sealed lead acid rechargeable batteries in China. Our batteries have been certified by UL, CE and ISO9001:2000. Our different batteries are mainly as: 1. UPS Systems battery, 2. Telecommunication Equipment battery, 3. Emergency Lighting battery, 4. Dc power System battery, 5. Power Tools/models and Toys battery, 6. Electric Bicycle battery, 7. Motorcycle battery, 8. Electric wheel battery, 9. Electric Scooter battery, 10. Solar Power System battery etc, 11. Portable VTR/TV battery, 12. Portable Measuring and Medical apparatus battery. We can design and develope batteries according to your technology parameter. Now we have researched and developed more than 200 m....

Creup Technologies Ltd

CREUP is a world leading brand specializing in the rechargeable lithium batteries. Visit our website for more.

Double Pilots Group Holdings Co., Limited

F&H Battery Double Pilots Group Holdings Co., Limited© is the professional manufacturer of VRLA(Valve Regulated Lead-acid Battery, also known as SLA, Sealed Lead-acid Battery) battery in China with more than ten years Experience in this industry. Supplies 6 series more than 300 models (from 2V, 4V, 6V, 8V to12V). All our products have got UL and CE certificate and ISO9001 and are welcomed by distributors and buyers from all over the world more than 60 countries. AGM, GEL, Deep Cycle, Front Access and Battery Rack battery, they are widely used in * communication equipment * Telecommunication control equipment * Emergency lighting systems * Solar powered and wind powered systems * marine equipment * Power generation plants * Alarm systems * ...

Eaglesam International Power Technology Company Limited

Eaglesam International Power Technology Company Limited is one of the largest companies worldwide specializing in the R&D, manufacturing and marketing of maintenance-free valve regulated lead acid batteries. By introducing and independently developing advanced technologies and processes, as well as adopting internationally advanced manufacturing and testing equipment, Eaglesam International ensures that the quality of its products ranks the top in the industry. Eaglesam International is offering perfect production applications and technical services to the customers in the industries of communications, electric vehicles, photovoltaic energy, wind energy, electric power, UPS, electronics and digital equipment and so on in tens of countries a...

Fengfan Co., Ltd.

With 52 years experiences and reputations, 1/4 domestic market share and best known brand SAIL in its sector, Fengfan Co., Ltd. is well recognized as the top leader of Chinese lead acid battery industry. Our national tech-center and test center equip us a strong product development process design & validation ability. Cutting edge equipment and most experienced workers ensure that our product quality is the best. Auto battery major clients(China) GM, VW, Audi, Daimler-Benz, Ford, Peugeot, Citroen etc. Industrial VRLA batteries we are focusing on overseas markets.

Fuli Battery Co., Ltd.

Fulli Battery Co., Ltd. main produce SLA battery and material of the battery, we can provide all kinds of the SLA battery.

Gaston Battery Industrial Ltd.

Manufacture maintenance free, valve-regulator lead acid batteries, our wide selection from 6V1. 3Ah to 12V200Ah, ensures the right battery for fire/safety, security, UPS, and emergency devices.

Guangzhou Kaijie Power Supply Industrial Co., Ltd.

Our company, Guangzhou Kaijie Power Supply Industrial Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and exporter company specializing in lead acid battery: UPS system battery series, emergency lighting battery, motorcycle battery series, car battery series, electromotive vehicle series, etc. Our factory is located in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, P.R.China. We have got the UL and CE certificate. If you need further info.,just need to send email to us or call us !

Guangzhou Palma Battery Co Ltd

Our products: sla batteries, automotive mf batteries, automotive lower maintenance batteries, scooter batteries, and battery plates. Capacity: 1500000 automotive batteries; and 3000000 sla batteries;approvals: ce, ul, iso9001, ts16949.

Haitong Power Supply Equipment Co., Ltd.

If you are searching for Lead-acid battery,we would like to establish a long term business relationship with you. By alliance with Konny Battery Manufacturer Co., South Korea, introducing advanced technology, we are professionally manufacturing quality valve-controlled, sealed maintenance-free lead-acid storage battery. We have many senior technical engineers dedicating in researching and producing storage batteries. Our products range from 200AH/2V-1000AH/2V, 4AH/6V-12AH/6V and 4AH/12V-200AH/12V with multi-applications. Our company has implemented ISO 9002 quality system and has been awarded Network Access License For Telecommunications Equipment from Ministry of Information Industry, P. R. China. We have: considerate service after sales, top quality, reasonable price and prompt delivery. If you have any inquiry, please don't hesitate to contact us now. Our website is . Welcome OEM orders. Looking forward to your favorable reply! Truly Yours, Candy May.

HUANYU Power Source Co.,Ltd

Dear Clients, If have any Rechargeable battery power requirements from your devices & market,Here is pleasure to serve you. As you know,We HUANYU Power Source Co.,Ltd are leading & the largest manufacturer of secondary battery in China. We can meet customer's the best selective requirements in secondary battery industry by all sizes as follows: Valve regulated Lead Acid battery (2V,4V,6V,8V,10V,12V ..Series) (1.Stationary SLA battery; 2.Portable SLA battery; 3.Main power use SLA battery; 4,Glue SLA battery,5,Motorcycle use SLA battery) Nickel-Cadmium battery & Nickel-Metal Hydride battery (A,AAA,AA,C,D,SC,F..Series) (Standard/General Series,High Rate Discharge Series,Low Temperature Series) Li-ion Battery(Prismatic & Cylindrical series) We gained UL & CE recognition, ISO9001-2000 Certification, ISO 14001 Certification,OVONICS,,,, All service is very good. You can rest assured that our excellent quality & credit. More details please you visit our website with thanks. If you have any requirements about Battery Power,Please do not hesitate to inform us your details,Here is very pleasure to serve you. we believe that can meet your kind wishes in this lines. Thanks for your time & Have a nice day Yours sincerely Mr.Steven Jong

Kedi Power Source Co.,Ltd.

A professional finished battery products manufacturer, whose parent company, Quanzhou Huaqiao Storage Battery Group, is one of the earliest major SLA batteries and lead-calcium electrode plates suppliers in China. Today, more than 50 of 400 SLA batteries producers in South China purchase large amount of electrode plates from us annually, therefore, we hold the core technology of the SLA batteries as well as the competitive prices. We has been certified ISO9002, CE, IEC and UL approval.

Koyosonic Electronics Co., Ltd.

Koyosonic is a professional manufacturer in producing lead acid batteries, located in Tongqian Industrial Park, Tongqiao Town, Huizhou city, Guangdong Province, China. Since 2004, we have been devoted to research and development, manufacture and market to lead the users to have quality batteries for their power system. Our batteries include Sealed Lead Acid batteries (SLA) and Starting batteries (SLI). SLA or AGM batteries mainly includes NP general batteries, NPC deep-cycle batteries, NPL long-life batteries, NPF front-terminal batteries, NPG gel-tech batteries and NPS solar-power batteries. For SLI batteries, we mainly have Car batteries. We have introduced advanced production and test equipments to produce lead acid batteries and so we c...

Laker Autoparts Co., Ltd

LAKER AUTO PARTS CO., LTD is a ONE-STOP-SHOP offering parts and accessories for forklifts and automobiles with a guaranteed high performance product at the most competitive price. Our main products are Lead acid Batteries for Electric forklift truck, golf cart and Automobile, Battery chargers, Forklift solid tires, Non-marking solid tires, Solid tire press machine, and various of decoration products inside the car. At LAKER, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive, quality service from the initial quotation to final product delivery. Our commitment to service, knowledge and product availability has made us a One-Stop-Shop for our customers and their business needs. With almost ten years experience in exporting different parts for forkli...

MCA Battery Manufacture Co., Ltd

MCA Battery is a factory making AGM Battery, Gel battery, Deep Cycle Battery for 15 years. Products are special designed for solar&wind energy, UPS, telecom station, security, emergency lighting, marine, golf cart etc. We are approved by CE, UL, IEC, TLC, ISO etc. We have established lasting relationship with Siemens, Bangladesh Teletalk, India Telecom, China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, Mexico Telecom etc. We make battery grid plates by ourselves, so we control quality from the beginning to end! With five production lines, we can produce 300, 000 pcs of 12V7AH and 50, 000 pcs 12V100AH batteries per month.

Orema Power Co., Ltd.

Orema Power Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer and developer of environmentally friendly Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries. Incorporated in 2004, Orema has steadily expanded to approximately 500 employees which include an experienced management team supported by a team of highly committed technical and manufacturing workers. Located in a world-class, modern industrial park of 100,000 square meters in Dong Guan, China, Orema's top of the line facilities produce an annual capacity of approximately 1,200,000 kVAh. Orema complies and strictly adheres to international quality standards, implements the ISO9001 quality system, and has gained approval by UL, CE, and RoHS.

Plante Power Co., Ltd

Professional supplier of SLA battery and tender or project solution for special requirement. What we focus is win-win cooperation and we do welcome you join in our family-like but strictly developed factory.

Power Source Energy Co., Ltd

Credit battery Supplier Since 1984. ISO Battery Factory with UL Prove : UL Proved lithium Polymer Battery and Lithium Polymer Battery packs. Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries and Battery Packs (Ni-Mh, NiMh, Battery) AA 2600mAh ; Li-ion Battery in Cylindrical Shape: ICR18650 2600mAh ICR 18650 2400mah ICR18650 2200mAh ICR17670 1400mAh ICR14500 700mAh, ICR13490 650mAh li-ion packs, Lithium ion Battery Packs from 2Pcs of ICR18650 at 7. 2V 2200mAh; Lithium Polymer Battery for Bluetooth handset; Lithium Polymer Battery for Mobile Phone Lithium Polymer Battry for R/C Toys, 60C 22. 2V 5000mah lithium Polymer Battery Packs for RC Use. Lithium Polymer Battery for Notebook Computer; Lithium-ion Polymer Battery for Emergency Light; Lithium-ion Polymer, li...

Powerstar Battery Co., Ltd.

PowerStar Battery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries. Our factory is dedicated to researching, developing and producing and exporting the valve-controlled and wholly-sealed and maintenance-free lead acid storage battery. Our products are designed adopting world latest e wholly sealed and valve-controlled technology. The quality of raw materials are carefully selected and strictly controlled. The battery self-discharged rate is low and has strong consistent, and the continued discharge efficiency is stable, which makes discharging time and battery life span longer. Our batteries, registered trademark is as POWERSTAR, range from 4Ah/12v to 200Ah/12v. In order to ensure the top quality, we have 100% testing for every individual battery with advanced testing equipments. Our factory has implemented ISO9002 quality system and our products have passed CE safety certificates. We always adhere the principal of REASONABLE PRICE, RELIABLE QUALITY, PROMPT DELIVERY AND GOOD SERVICE. Any interested parties are appreciated to contact us. OEM orders are welcome.

Quanzhou Shamas Battery Co., Ltd.(Shenzhen Office)

We are a very professional VRLA Battery manufacturer. We are one of the largest manufacture bases of electrode plate for Lead-Acid Battery in China. We produce Sealed Valve-controlled Lead-Acid Battery from 6V1.0AH to 2V3000AH. With our own Shamas Battery Research Institute, we explore new products easily. We supply high quality products, equip advanced facility and offer best service to our customers. OEM or private label is welcomed.

Roy Solar Co., Ltd.

Established in 2000, based in Shanghai, China, ROY SOLAR is the specialist of solar electric power for the areas where there are electricity problem, but with good sunlight power, such as Africa, South America, South-east Asia, etc. Products range: from solar charge controller LD2420C, LD2430S, LD4830S, CM3024Z, CM3048, CM5024Z, CM5048, SL1024 to Total Solar Power System Solution.

Shenzhen Advanced Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

UPS, Battery, Inverter, Uninterruptible Power Supply, AVR

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