Hydro Energy Manufacturers in Indonesia

Protel Multi Energy - PT SOLAR POWER Indonesia - PT. Guna Elektro - HADEKA-SOMIT J.O. - PT.MES Asia Pacific -

Protel Multi Energy

Electronic Load Controller Manufacturer up to 250 kW, Pico and Micro hydro turbine (Crossflow and Pelton)


Solar Power Indonesia (SPI) for the design, supply, installation and maintenance of your sustainable energy system in Bali, Indonesia and Asia. Based in Bali, providing affordable and economically renewable energy solutions for remote communities, resorts, commercial premises, homes and businesses throughout Indonesia and ASEAN using combinations of solar panels (photovoltaic panels), wind turbines, hydro generators and energy storage systems as well as desalination and greywater systems.

PT. Guna Elektro


PT.MES Asia Pacific

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