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Sharp Corporation

SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.

PV Crystalox Solar KK

With 25 years in solar technology development, PV Crystalox Solar is a leading manufacturer of multicrystalline silicon ingots and wafers, the key component in solar power systems. Its customers, the world's leading solar cell producers, combine these wafers into solar modules to harness the clean, silent and renewable power from the sun. PV Crystalox Solar is playing a central role in making solar cost competitive with conventional hydrocarbon power generation, and as such continues to seek to drive down the cost of production whilst increasing solar cell efficiency. The gap between the cost of solar power production and utility energy is decreasing year on year. With a long history of production with high growth and profitability, PV Crys...

Ferrotec Corporation

Ferrotec Corporation produces and supplies mono-crystalline silicon growth systems by Czochralski (CZ) method. In this method, high-purity polycrystalline silicon is melted down in quartz crucible. A seed crystal, mounted on a rod, is dipped into the molten silicon. The seed crystalâ s rod is pulled upwards and rotated at the same time to shape the cylindrical silicon ingot from the molten silicon surface in the counter-rotated quartz crucible. Our system realizes this growth process for your needs.

Kaneka Corporation

Kaneka offers not only amorphous silicon thin film solar modules,but also the new HYBRID solar module. Kaneka's HYBRID solar panel has a tandem structure. Its dual-layer structure of microcrystalline and amorphous silicon can capture from short to long wavelengths of the light spectrum, allowing the HYBRID to convert even more sunlight into electricity. This enhances the efficiency of power generation, and produces up to 30% higher power output than conventional thin-film amorphous silicon panels.

Kyocera Corporation

Kyocera is a pioneer of solar power systems that benefit society while doing no harm to the global environment.

Hitachi Maxell, Ltd.

Nissan Motor Company

B & B Battery Co., Ltd.

MGIT Solar

Energy from the sun can be used in many ways. With rising fuel costs, climate change concerns and a growing demand for electricity, renewable energy resources such as solar power are becoming increasingly popular. Around the globe, businesses and homeowners are harnessing the power of the earth's most abundant natural resource - sunlight - to provide energy using solar power. For reliable power generation for residential, commercial and industrial applications MGIT SOLAR offers following solutions :1. SOLAR TECHNOLOGY2. SOLAR PRODUCTS

Mitsubishi Materials Techno

NPC Incorporated

NPC has started developing machines of PV module production in 1980. Since then, NPC has kept promoting R & D aggressively for the rapidly growing PV industry. Through the government projects and joint researches with PV module manufacturers, actually in 1997, NPC has become the first provider of a full-automation PV module manufacturing line in the world. NPC has started overseas promotion at the beginning of 1996. NPC is getting evaluated as a world-wide leading provider of PV manufacturing equipment, as its overseas clients are increasing.

Panasonic Renewable Energy

Matsushita Ecology Systems Company is the group company of Panasonic, and in charge of environmental and renewable energy products.

PB-Technik Japan LTD.

PB Technik AG - in short PBT - is a medium-sized company with its headquarters in Zollikon in greater Zurich /Switzerland. The company is technology-oriented and has always maintained a state-of-the-art position in production technology, dedicated to the supply of production equipment and material for electronic device and system manufacturing. A new field of activity was added in 1992 when PBT diversified into the production of mono-crystalline silicon wafers for electronic applications and mono-crystalline silicon wafers as used in the manufacture of solar cells.

Shecom K. K.

Solar, Batteries, LED Business

M. N. T Co., Ltd.

Moon & Sun Export Import

This is export import company of worldwide . . It's a specially connect to Nepal where is the loadsheding 6hours In a day so there is insufficient the enegery so please If you have any types of enegery please contact us. . . . . .

Sun-imports Japan

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