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Business Names Starting with P

Philips Color Kinetics - Professional rigid PCB/FLEX PCB/LED PCB /PCBA manufacturer with supper quality and competitive price - Petroarmour Trading FZE - Power Planet - Pacific Power & Light - Pangaea International Trading Corp - Panoramic Solar - Parseh Design & Process Lighting Co. - Paya Mobadel - PearlLED - Pentalight Technology Sdn Bhd - Pfannenberg Incorporated - PFG Ventures Resources (M) Sdn Bhd - PHCNW Industries - Phocos AG - Phocos India Solar Pvt. Ltd - Phoenix Environmental, Inc. - Phoster Industries - PhotonLight.com - PhotonWorks Engineering - Pioneer Energy (S) Pte Ltd - Planet LED - Pled - PMService Brasil - Pointverde - Polar-Ray. com LED Lighting - Poltronic S. A. - Poolleds Portugal - Positive Energy Inc. - Power Advantage Ltd - Power America - Power Builders Corporation -

Philips Color Kinetics

Philips Color Kinetics transforms environments through dynamic and more efficient uses of light. Its award-winning lighting systems and technologies apply the benefits of LEDs as a highly efficient, long lasting, environmentally friendly, and inherently digital source of illumination - reinventing light itself as a highly controllable medium. Headquartered in Burlington, MA, USA, Philips Color Kinetics is the leading center of innovation and product development for Philips' global LED lighting systems business. The organization also enables widespread adoption of LED lighting through OEM partnerships in diverse markets.

Professional rigid PCB/FLEX PCB/LED PCB /PCBA manufacturer with supper quality and competitive price

LEAPPCB was established in 1996 and located in shenzhen city. We providing Printed Circuit Board manufacture and assembly services to Electronics & industry Marketet for many years. The products including 1-20 layer rigid pcb, soft pcb, aluminum printed circuit board, multilayer pcb manufacturer, fr4 pcb and independence board. From prototype to large volume PCB production, Our fabrication services offer excellent quality and a high level of customisation to suit low budgets. Also provide perform electrical tests for all multilayer PCBs. Contact LEAPPCB (AT) 163. com, or add skype SMILLILLIAN

Petroarmour Trading FZE

Petroarmour provides energy efficient LED Lighting solutions for industrial, outdoor and commercial projects. We specialize in implementing comprehensive energy efficient LED lighting solutions that dramatically reduce energy, maintenance and servicing costs.

Power Planet

Power Planet is South Africa's leading online store specializing in renewable energy and electricity saving products. Our products range form solar geysers, solar panels, wind turbines, LED lights and much more. All our products are warranty backed and gets delivered nationwide. Our Sales team has more than 10 years experience, thus expert advice is guaranteed.

Pacific Power & Light

Pacific Power and Light provides high quality LED retrofit solutions and installations on Oahu and throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

Pangaea International Trading Corp

We are promoter of US-quality POWER LEDs (Solid-State Lighting) and its components applied on general lighting, streelights, down lights, architectural illumination, solar lighting units. We design, develop and market LED, power supplies, fixtures, connectors and electronic components.

Panoramic Solar

We are distributors and installers of solar energy products. Our main products are solar inverters, solar PV panels, solar pumps and batteries.

Parseh Design & Process Lighting Co.

Paya Mobadel

The paya mobadel co was established in 1997, Paya products led street lights, transformer, power supply, led driver, Our aim is to become a company which is globally renowned for:âÛĘthe use of the latest modern technologies;âÛĘthe development of sustainable for mass production;âÛĘcontemporary design.


At PearlLED, we feature a high tech production facility that is flexible and quickly adaptable to meet your specific needs. Our manufacturing capabilities span a broad range of products and industries. Our factory in Missouri is brand new and equipped with modern machinery. Our Pearl-30 bulb has been named "Best Product" of year 2010 by Design News Magazine. Our styling makes us stand out amongst also-run manufacturers of LED bulbs and LED fixtures. Being a US manufacturer, we're here to back up our long warranty and to create jobs and prosperity for Americans.

Pentalight Technology Sdn Bhd

We are the manufacturer in patented LED lighting system, i. e. T8 light tubes, smart T8 light tubes, MR16, PAR30, PAR38, smart LED light bulbs etc, with the highest unmatchable performance and safety standards that meet local and international certifications. Our patented smart technology is guaranteed to provide up to 85% from fluorescent based lighting and 92% from incandescent based lighting system. Our philosophy is simple: The cheapest best technology from tomorrow is delivered to you today. We provide consultation and project financing to expedite the lighting project. Please contact us for further details.

Pfannenberg Incorporated

PFG Ventures Resources (M) Sdn Bhd

LED manufacturer and expertise in providing energy saving solutions & consultation services

PHCNW Industries

Design and application specific manufacturing of high efficiency and low maintenance LED lighting system. Maintenance services for the facility lighting systems.

Phocos AG

Phocos manufactures a wide range of high technology components for off-grid power supply systems based on renewable energy. The technology mission of Phocos is simple: Solar systems for off-grid electrification highly depend on the reliability of the storage battery. Improving battery management and appliance efficiency rises the battery lifetime and reliability and is therfore an overall achievement.

Phocos India Solar Pvt. Ltd

Phocos India Solar Pvt. Ltd was founded in 2001 as a regional subsidiary of PHOCOS AG Germany to cater to the growing market for solar electronic components in South Asia. Today, we are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of solar charge controller in India.Our products cover a wide range of charge controllers designed for small solar home systems of 4 Amps up to industrial type control systems of 400 Amps and more. Additionally in our program are solar DC lighting components and intelligent storage systems for refrigeration and fuel cell technology. Phocos India is part of the Phocos network of companies with local representatives in all continents. For further information please look at our web page at www.phocos.com.

Phoenix Environmental, Inc.

Services include Professional Engineer (Michigan), Solar Electric Systems Design/Installation, LEED Project Support, Energy Audits - Certified Energy and Environmental Manager (CEEM), Electrical Contractor, Specialty Contractor, Licensed Waste Water Operator (Michigan), Fuel Systems and Automation, and Equipment Sales/Service. Licensed, Insured and Bondable

Phoster Industries

Lighting the FuturePhoster Industries is an LED lighting manufacturer committed to developing innovative LED lighting solutions and bridging the divide between LED manufacturers and end-users in the commercial and residential marketplace. Phoster Industries offers both a standard product line of LED lights and a secondary division that creates high-end custom LED lighting solutions for a wide array of architectural designers. Phoster's patent-pending combination of optical innovations and thermal and power management solutions work together to create superior LED light engines that have been tested in real life applications with tremendous success and can now substantiate over 50, 000 hours of real life actual run-time. The Phoster team is ...


PhotonWorks Engineering

Pioneer Energy (S) Pte Ltd

We are a major manufacturer, wholesaler and installer of all kinds of energy saving LED lights viz. LED Tube Lights, Spot Lights, Down Lights Floodlights, Strip Lights etc. We also design, supply and install solar PV systems for residential and commercial applications.

Planet LED

Planet LED is a LED lights company providing energy efficient and sustainable lighting options for domestic and commercial customers. Our range of products include LED lights, LED down lights, LED light bulbs and even LED torches.


Pled by Promolux for all LED interior commercial and display lighting for applications in retail environments, refrigeration, shelf lighting, track lighting, linear strips and tubes, PAR and spot lamps, ceiling panels, low and high bay, high IP applications, with external and internal drivers, with UL. cUL CE, Rohs, and other certifications. Pled can be used for all food products such as meat, deli, seafood, bakery, dairy, wine and beers, ice cream, fancy pastries, chocolates, salad bars, prepared foods, refrigeration cabinets, and floral displays, as well as display lighting for high end cosmetics, leather goods, china, glass, art, food inspection facilities, color critical task lighting, aquarium and plant lighting, balanced full spectrum...

PMService Brasil

P. M. Service was born in 1999 after the fortnightly experience of the founders in the electrical components distribution field, with the aim of providing the emerging alternative and saving energy market with products and services and immediately creating important relationships with the major manufacturers of inverters and PV modules of that time. P. M. Service started educating the public and private market with work-shop and dedicated trainings that have seen the participation from the beginning until now of more than 2000 person. With the years P. M service has dealt with services and components distribution for grid-connected and stand-alone photovoltaic, solar thermal, micro-wind powered systems, public illumination and energy saving...


PointVerde is committed to our planet. Our mission is to bring to market new technologies and solutions that provide energy savings to our customers resulting in better management of resources. we are offering an excellent G2 LED fixtures line, manufactured en United State of America. ActiveLED provides high, bright illumination for general Industrial, Manufacturing, warehousing, retail, Streets, Parking lots, garages, gas stations, billboards, building exteriors, and other applications. The 90. 000 hour LED lumen life is superior to any other light available today. Our fixtures provide 110 LED lumens/watts. Warranty: 10 years on LED elements, 5 years on materials and workmanship. Savings up to 90% over conventional l lighting sources. Virt...

Polar-Ray. com LED Lighting

Our goal at Polar-Ray. com is to offer you high quality LED lighting products at competitive prices, truthful product claims for all of the LED light bulbs we carry and the best customer service and product knowledge you'll find anywhere. We'll make it easy to find what you need online and we're always willing to help you by phone (1-888-494-5773) if you have questions or need additional information.

Poltronic S. A.

Poltronic Public Company is one of the leading importer and distributor of a wide range of electronics components from a variety of products from consumer electronics group. Through direct contacts with manufacturers and distributors, we offer you a very attractive commodity prices and fast delivery times.

Poolleds Portugal

Specialists in LED- poollights and LED garden-lighting

Positive Energy Inc.

Power Advantage Ltd

We are a company established and Registered Nairobi – Kenya. Our core business is to provide alternative energy to the people of East Africa in the form of alternative power supply, this is either as power inverters, solar-powered inverters, solar waterheating systems, solar powered fridges and solar-powered street lights, solar refridgerators etc

Power America

PowerAmerica, LLC. is a manufacturer's rep company that specializes in emergency power and the related power products. PowerAmerica, LLC. was formed in 1970 and has grown into a global provider of the highest quality power systems in the world. Let us provide the power you need. We will provide you with a complete quotation that will meet your needs. -Michael C. Myers -PowerAmerica, LLC.

Power Builders Corporation

Power Builders represents itself as successful designer, developer & distributor of Electrical energy solution, solar energy Solution and Telecommunication solution. Power Builders is a firm believer in transitioning to energy in our homes, offices, industries etc. is the need of time. We provide energy solutions by assessing your needs and smooth capital layout plan. Presently we are distributing verity of energy products, solar products supplying and installing to numerous Private Organizations and Industries.

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