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UA Marketing Solutions - UBLeds Co., Ltd. - Udeman Lighting by Pacific Island Renewable Energy Solutions Inc. - UL Ledprofessionals Lda. - Ulilog (Pty) Ltd - UniLED by Unimore Trading Company - Unique Energy Pvt Ltd - Unique Lights Ledprofessionals Lda. - Unique Lights Portugal - Espanha - UPEC Electronics Corp - Urban Solar Corp - US LED Supply - Uttaron Technologies - UV III Systems, Inc - United LED Lights - Universal Instruments - USLightingProducts.com -

UA Marketing Solutions

UA Marketing Solutions India team involved in every phase of manufacturing the solar products to delivering the quality services is committed for only for the customer satisfaction. The veterans always have been showing the destination and guiding us towards reliability of the raw material and using sophisticated technology to make flawless impeccable range of solar products for the end result of our customer satisfaction. The logistic personnel ensure that the consignments are delivered timely without any delays possible. Our service team consistently highlights the priority of the customer satisfaction as a whole and sole mission. Having handled every phase of the manufacturing to delivery and service of the solar products, we are happy t...

UBLeds Co., Ltd.

UBLeds are one of the leading LED package manufacturer of Taiwan. We request our products with best quality and all of these products (which provide to our customers) are produced in Taiwan. We can provide LED components, light modules, OEM & ODM of finished products and turn-key service. UBLeds are first one to announcement and produce IC LED (DycoLED), and also can provide the High Color Rendering Index LED that all guarantee the CRI>90Ra. Based on a strong IP position of worldwide, UBLeds become a market leader in High CRI / Power LED / IC LED category.

Udeman Lighting by Pacific Island Renewable Energy Solutions Inc.

Pacific Island Renewable Energy Solutions is the Exclusive Philippine Sales and Marketing arm in the Philippines for Udeman Lighting. Pacific Island Renewable Energy Solutions carry's Udeman Air Purifying Lighting, Fluorescent lighting, High-intensity discharge lighting, Low pressure sodium lighting, Outdoor solar lighting, LED Lighting, Halogen, Street Lighting and Energy Saving CFL Lighting. Udeman Lighting was founded in 1995. Our Patients in Udeman LED & Air Purifier

UL Ledprofessionals Lda.

Unique Lights é uma organização profissional de desenvolvimento, aplicação, e distribuição de iluminação emLED, com uma elaborada rede de colaboradores independentes na Holanda e agora também em 11 outros paísesna Europa, tais como, Bélgica, Suécia, Portugal, Espanha, Itália, França e Alemanha. Ajuda-mos as empresas e instituiçôes a alcançar uma poupança de 60% a 90% no consumo e simultaneamente areduzir as emissôes de CO2 e de enxofreOferecemos um conceito global de consultadoria independente e uma implementação profissional de sistemas deiluminação LED. Contribuimos para um mundo sustentável. Após um período de apresentação dos novos desenvolvimentos em LED e depois da criação de apoios para a suaaplicação, a Unique Lights deu um contribu...

Ulilog (Pty) Ltd

Reduction in electricity and water consumption through application of holistic knowledge and cutting edge technology

UniLED by Unimore Trading Company

UniLED by Unimore Trading specializes in LED lighting solutions for the home, office, and other industrial uses. We also distribute induction lights ideal for warehouses and other large areas.

Unique Energy Pvt Ltd

Unique Lights Ledprofessionals Lda.

We calculate, advise and sell to companies and governments Led-systems. The savings on electricity for lighting can go up to 90%.

Unique Lights Portugal - Espanha

Unique Lights is specialised in the development, introduction and implementation of the very energy-saving LED-lighting. In Benelux we are one of the two innovative frontrunner-companies, supported by a. o. the Ministry of Economic affairs, the Ministry of Environment and "Senter Novem", who we oficially advise. In the Portugal Energy Efficiency Plan is decided that overall an energy-reduction from 20% must be realised. Led-lights reduce the electricity-spendings up to 90% compared with conventional lighting and up to 50% compared to Compact Fluorescent lighting. Although some lighting manufacturors tell us that Led-lighting is not ready yet to replace conventional lighting, we can replace 90% of conventional lighting into Led.

UPEC Electronics Corp

UPEC Electronics Corp. is a technical oriented manufacturer, focusing on high brightness LED solutions for applications in Residential & Commercial, streetlight, backlight, and automotive. As an agile, organic, and energetic organization, we are all committed to improve our manufacturing processes and productivity to be the cost efficient LED supplier of today. Our vision is to become an optoelectronic solution provider, integrating optical, mechanical and electronic design capability together with efficient manufacturing through high-quality and high-performance products and services.

Urban Solar Corp

Urban Solar Corporation manufactures solar-powered LED lighting solutions for the public transit and outdoor advertising industries. Our energy efficient illumination products help satisfy a demand for safer, environmentally friendly, and more inviting transportation amenities for street furniture, at transit stops and shelters.

US LED Supply

As a leader in the LED industry, we enjoy providing quality LED products and fast service for our customers. Our main products include flexible LED strips, RGB LED Controllers, PWM Dimmers, 12V and 24V power supplies, DMX decoders, Arduino/Micro Controller LED Controllers, and LED modules.

Uttaron Technologies

We are a company having adequate number of Graduate Engineers, Diploma Engineers, Skilled Technicians and Workers doing Electrical Works since more than one decade. Our aim is to build a green environment by using Renewable Energy, Energy Saving and insisting People to use Eco Friendly Products. Auditing of Power situation and Energy Consumption. Building and Fire Safety Compliance for Garments Industry. We ensure quality service within reasonable price.

UV III Systems, Inc

UV drying equipment high speed, industrial strength, inclding energy efficient, variety of hand held units for rapid cure. Custom built light curing systems. Our specialty is three dimensional items cured rapidly. Call for information specific to your needs

United LED Lights

we are the direct importers & wholesalers of LED Lights technology in Pakistan. Our Quality & Prices are unmatchable across the nation; as a result all products are covered upto 2 years of warranty

Universal Instruments


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