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Business Names Starting with B

Ballard Power Systems - BCSEA - British Columbia Sustainable Energy Association - Battery World (alberta) Ltd. - Beecroft Technology Inc. - B. T. W. Electronic Parts - Bamboo Direct a division of Abodium Lifestyle Products Ltd. - Battacc Ltd - Battery Direct - Vancouver - Battery House - Battery House - Battery Sell Company - Battery-Plaza - Belize Bicycle Canada - Bendygo Inc - Best Water - Beta-Calco Inc - Bhumika International Inc., - Bias LED Lighting, Inc. - Blackline Power - Blue Energy Canada - Blue Moon Geothermal - Bluestar Solar Inc. - Bob's Woodburners and Fireplaces Ltd. - Bomar Energy Inc. - Boreal Geothermal Inc. - Boyd Solar Corp. - BOYSHENG Trading Inc. - BravoLED Lighting Manufacturing Co. LTD - Bremen Ventilation System - Brierly Technologies Inc. - Brock Solutions - Brombacher Home Improvements -

Ballard Power Systems

Ballard Power Systems is the world-leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing zero-emission proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells for use in transportation, electricity generation, portable power and other products. Ballard Power Systems' proprietary fuel cell technology is enabling automobile, electrical equipment and portable power product manufacturers to develop and sell competitive environmentally clean and efficient products. The fundamental component of these end-user products is the Ballard® fuel cell that combines hydrogen (which can be obtained from methanol, natural gas or petroleum) and oxygen (from air) without combustion to generate electricity.

BCSEA - British Columbia Sustainable Energy Association

The BC Sustainable Energy Association is a non-profit association of citizens, professionals and practitioners, committed to promoting the understanding, development, and adoption of sustainable energy and energy conservation and efficiency in British Columbia. Our vision is a future in which all of BC's energy comes from clean, renewable, efficient sources, for electricity, transport, and all other purposes, respecting the integrity of nature and the needs of humans and other species and their habitat, both now and in future generations, and in which BC becomes a net exporter of clean, renewable energy.

Battery World (alberta) Ltd.

Wholesale & retail sales of all battery types.

Beecroft Technology Inc.

Beecroft Technology is a leading manufacturer and distributor of Hydrogen Technology devices of Upstream to Downstream including Fuel Cells Stacks (PEM) and Metalic Hydride Canister in all capacities, also, our company provides environmental products and services; delivering products such: Energy Storage, Cogeneration, Windmill Turbine & PV Solar Energy Sources. Offering the capability to deliver at any Alternative Energy project phase, from the early stages of the site selection, feasibility, design right through to the project management and the construction phase, operations and maintenance are also included. The multi-disciplinary consultants have extensive sustainable energy experience in both, grid-connected and off-grid and environme...

B. T. W. Electronic Parts

Bamboo Direct a division of Abodium Lifestyle Products Ltd.

Battacc Ltd

Independent battery service and support provider specializing in stationary batteries. We offer cost- effective, comprehensive maintenance and testing programs individually designed to the specific requirements of the site using state of the art computerized reporting and detailed analysis. Also offered are services for battery installations / independent performance and capacity testing / consulting. We are supported by the major battery manufacturers and follow standards as defined by IEEE/IEC.

Battery Direct - Vancouver

Wholesale supplier of Solar Electric power components. Schneider Electric, Xantrex, Samlex America, Discover-Energy, Midnite Solar

Battery House

We carry batteries for just about anything and also solar and wind power products.

Battery House

Batteries of all types call or contact us for more info.

Battery Sell Company


Welcome to battery-plaza. ca, the most convenient, cheap and fast online rechargeable li-ion battery shop. We specialize in DC/DV batery, laptop battery, laptop auto adapter, laptop AC adapter, power tools battery and power supply. Further more, we also supply battery charger, iPod battery etc. You will enjoy your purchase here!

Belize Bicycle Canada

Bendygo Inc

Best Water

Offers water ionizers/purifiers at discount prices, and provides information on alkaline water and its antioxidant properties. Free report comparing types of water purification.

Beta-Calco Inc

Contemporary design, superior quality and continuous innovation. These key factors have made Beta-Calco a leader in the design and manufacture of architectural luminaires for compact fluorescent lamps. Our comprehensive range focuses on the unique needs of industry professionals, from independent designers, architects, engineers and contractors, to large international corporations. Production is focused on luminaires utilizing the most recently developed light sources. Our diverse range of decorative wall, ceiling, recessed and pendant luminaires offer aesthetic and technical solutions for a multitude of interior lighting applications. We are constantly investing in new product development with the aim of creating advanced, high quality lig...

Bhumika International Inc.,

Bhumika International Inc., offers telecom transmission solutions and test instrumentation equipment for the telecom and electronics industry. Bhumika's telecom solutions Multiplexers, DCME (digital circuit multiplication equipment), analog thin route voice compression (DCME), echo cancellers, T1 E1 converters, channel banks, digital cross connects and digital loop carrier equipment. Test instrumentation portfolio includes digital, clamp, analog multimeters and insulation resistance and earth testers. Solutions also include Laser Powor meters. Applications include solutions for Internet Service Providers (ISP's), Cellular networks, satellite and microwave communications, telecom service providers, PTTs, telcos, corporate and private n. . .

Bias LED Lighting, Inc.

Distributor and importer of state of the art LED Obstruction Lights.

Blackline Power

Blue Energy Canada

Ocean Turbine - Blue Energy Canada, a renewable energy company, is developing its revolutionary ocean energy turbine system. With its scalable, advanced aerospace technology, Blue Energy leads the world in ocean power generation systems. Blue Energy's ocean turbines generate efficient, renewable, and emission-free electricity at prices competitive with today's conventional sources of renewable and conventional energy. Blue Energy provides an ethical and sustainable energy solution.

Blue Moon Geothermal

Bluestar Solar Inc.

Contact us today for complete consultation regarding your Solar PV System.

Bob's Woodburners and Fireplaces Ltd.

Bomar Energy Inc.

We are a diversified renewable energy company and we will give you an overview of the technologies and products we employ to meet your remote power or air treatment applications anywhere in the world. Our autonomous power section includes a host of products and systems that supply off-grid, grid-intertie and back-up electrical power while our energy efficiency section offers an overview of the innovative systems we utilize for residential, industrial or commercial make-up, such as, air, ventilation, crop drying and humdificiation requirements. So have a look at information that follows and feel free to call us at: Toll Free 1.866.464.8503 or 1.905.664.8503, fax at 1.905.664.4511, or or careers@bo...

Boreal Geothermal Inc.

Boreal Geothermal Inc. Manufacturer of geothermal heat pumps (GHPs) and pool air conditioners. Products range from liquid-to-air to liquid-to-water ground source heat pumps in output capacities from 12,000 to 800,000 Btu's. Boreal Geothermal Inc. heat pumps are engineered by a team of dynamic professionals dedicated to the advancement of geothermal heat pump design. We have synergized our knowledge and experience in the geothermal energy field to create a product line of superior geothermal heat pumps.

Boyd Solar Corp.

BOYSHENG Trading Inc.

For more than 20 years, our company is research and national defense, power systems and other key sectors of national economy development to provide a large amount of high efficiency, high precision, affordable quality products. In recent years, the company's products to enter the international market, some electronic products sold in Australia, Brazil, South Korea and other countries, has become the focus of the professional supplier of foreign partners. Our major products : Photovoltaic inverter filter . Photovoltaic inverter electric reactor . Permalloy magnetic core . Current transformer . High/low frequency electronic transformer . Anticorrosive magnetic stainless steel wire/board(for iron separators only)

BravoLED Lighting Manufacturing Co. LTD

We manufacture LED Spot lights, LED Flood Lights, LED High Bay Lights and LED T8 Tube Lights with UL/cUL certification. We also manufacture LED Panel Lights, LED Street Lights, LED Global Bulbs, LED Downlights and LED Grille Lights.

Bremen Ventilation System

Bremen is a company, based in Canada, North America. We are a leading suppliers and manufacturers of home ventilation systems. Our ventilation products holds the current trends, from classical to latest designed houses and we produce an unique quality design for each and every product to fulfill the customers desires & offering to buy our ventilation products through online.

Brierly Technologies Inc.

BTI provides a wide range of battery charger for flooded/wet, starting, gel and agm batteries. We sell SCR and high frequency switch mode units. Charging profiles are available for all battery types. Most models are programmable for voltage, current and charging profiles. Custom charging profiles are available. CBHF2, CBHF1-SM, CBHD1, CBHD1-N, CBHD2, CBHD3, CBHF2-XP, CBSW1-S, CBSW2-S, CBHF4, CBHF5, GREEN2, GREEN4, CBHF6, HF1-IP, HF2-UI, KSO-SC, ULBF52, ULBF52R, ULBF52RC, ULBF52C, Alfabat, Alfabat Pro, Emrol BMS, Emrol SMS, BB-SBM12, BB-SBM12PS, BB-DCM12-WET, BB-DCM12-AGM. Battery Bug

Brock Solutions

Brock Solutions serves the alternative energy market by manufacturing and providing combiner boxes, recombiner boxes, custom control panels, energy system software programming and wind turbine retrofits.

Brombacher Home Improvements

Tubular skylights and traditional skylights bring natural sunlight into almost any room and best of all the light is FREE!! No energy costs or lighting costs. Energy efficient windows and doors will also help to save on your energy costs.

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