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H2O Logics Inc. - Haliburton Solar and Wind - Hat Creek e-Publishing - Healthyheating. Com - Heat Exchangers Online - Heat-Booster Energy Systems - Heliene Inc - Heliocentris Energy Systems Inc. - Helios Energy - Helios Solar - Heriss Corporation - HIL-Tech Ltd - Hitachi Canadian Industries Ltd. - Home Energy Solutions - Home n Work Leasing - Homelife Enviro Store Inc - HomeStar Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. - HomesXpress - HPG Limited - Humidifier - HVDC Converters - Hydrogenics Corporation - Hydronic Agencies Ltd. - Hartech Fluid Solutions - HeatLink - Henry A. Wiltschek Inc. - Heron Instruments - Hy-Tech Sal Inc. -

H2O Logics Inc.

Haliburton Solar and Wind

Specializing in all of your renewable energy options. We will work with you to determine your needs and manage your project from beginning to end. Our main areas of focus include; microFIT, FIT, Net Metering, and Off-Grid.

Hat Creek e-Publishing

"Understanding and Installing Your Own Solar Electric System" - an e-book offering information, worksheets and charts, a glossary and an extensive online research-reference section.

Healthyheating. Com

is a volunteer based not for profit educational resource serving as a technical interpreter and consolidator of academic research done within the building and health sciences. The site is written for educated consumers and design professionals researching content related to indoor environmental quality and energy efficiency.

Heat Exchangers Online

Supplier of heat exchangers for the HVAC industry.

Heat-Booster Energy Systems

Economic heat recovery systems for space heating, water heating and flue/chimney heat recovery systems for woodstoves. Fast pay-back with no subsidies. Check us out at

Heliene Inc

Manufacturer of High Efficiency Photovoltaic Modules

Heliocentris Energy Systems Inc.

Heliocentris is a specialist in hybrid energy storage solutions consisting of fuel cells, batteries and energy management. The company develops and markets systems and turnkey solutions for customers in industry and science. For educational purposes, Heliocentris offers a successful series of training systems for solar hydrogen technology and renewable energy systems.

Helios Energy

Helios Solar

Helios Solar is the exclusive North American distributor and agent for Sorel Microelectronic GMBH, and Sunlight Solar Energy Company. Our product line includes a variety of solar thermal controllers, evacuated tube solar thermal collectors, solar hot water heaters, storage tanks, hydronic heating equipment and a wide range of accessories to compliment your solar thermal system. Now is the time to invest in clean, unlimited and free solar energy for your residential, commercial or industrial heating application. Visit our online store to realize how affordable solar energy can be.

Heriss Corporation

Heriss Corporation is one of the leading suppliers of Parts and repair/Overhaul service for the Gas & Steam Turbine Industries. Since our formation in 1991, we have worked with major Oil & Gas Refineries, Power generators and contractors worldwide, winning contracts for providing Parts, Overhaul services and reliability engineering and consultancy.

HIL-Tech Ltd

LEDline is a nighttime or daylight visible, encapsulated linear LED lighting system of embedded LEDs within solid plastic. It can be induction or DC powered; is corrosion proof and submersible, and will take the weight of a 34 million pound aircraft such as a Boeing 747. It is used to increase safety and improve infrastructure efficiencies; for highlighting barriers and in-pavement markings in roads and airfields; for highlighting helicopter pads, signage, buildings, or for lighting / highlighting in the marine, mining and military environments (for daylight or Night Vision Goggle uses); LEDline is used just about anywhere!

Hitachi Canadian Industries Ltd.

Home Energy Solutions

Home Energy (formerly Soltek Solar Energy) is Canada's largest distributor of solar electric products, including Sharp solar modules, inverters and battery system, for off grid and on-grid applications. With 3 warehouses in Canada, and an extensive on-line catalogue (www. heshomeenergy. om), Home Energy has over 25 years of experience with quality solar electric installations.

Home n Work Leasing

Let us help you get your next Solar PV Photovoltaic project financed. Leasing your Solar equipment may be the most cost efficient way to get your Solar PV project done. Up to 100% Financing. Contact us for more details.

Homelife Enviro Store Inc

Homelife Enviro offers products and services related to improving homelife air quality, water quality, comfort, cleanliness, safety, security, home energy efficiency, automation and control. We supply and install (locally) air and water purifiers, filters, R/O, softeners, iron and hydrogen sulfide removal units, HEPA vacuums and HEPA filters, humidifiers, space heaters, full spectrum therapy lighting, test kits and allergy relief accessories and cleaners, alarm systems and much more

HomeStar Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.

Get in touch with HomeStar Heating & Air Conditioning Inc if fresh, unadulterated air inside your home is your criteria. We are leading providers of indoor heating and air conditioning products in all of Toronto and the surrounding Greater Toronto Area. All products are created with the HVAC technology that helps create natural fresh air that is true to the natural climate. We offer installation and maintenance services and furnace repair services also.


HomesXpress is a leading solar $ Renewable Energy Systems Canadian Company. Suppliers an Installers. Toronto Ontario Canada

HPG Limited

Established in 1969 HPG Limited is one of the largest independent manufacturers of Gas-Steam Turbine Blades, Vanes, Buckets, IGV's, Nozzles and Impellers. HPG holds several supplier of the year awards and is the trusted source to OEM's and Service Centers worldwide. G.E., General Electric, Siemens, Westinghouse, Alstom, Ansaldo, Fincantieri, FIAT, English Electric, ABB, Solar, Ruston, Toshiba, Fuji, Mitsubishi, MHI, Hitachi, Dresser Randi, Turbodyne, Parsons, Peter Brotherhood, Coppus, Murray, Dresser-Rand, Delaval


E-humidifiers 3 whole house furnace humidifiers can control relative humidity in your home. Flow through general table, chart as central furnace mount installation guide.

HVDC Converters

HVDC Converters provides an afforable family of low-cost yet high reliability DC to DC Converters and Inverters specifically for small scale Alternative Energy systems involving High Voltage Direct Current ( DC ) energy storage and/or short range transmission of electrical power. Transmission Line reactance losses are eliminated when AC transmission systems are changed over to DC systems. This most notable where electrical power transmission runs underwater, submerged, sub-sea, buried, or direct burial. DC has always been the simplest and highest efficiency form of Electrical Energy. Step down of HVDC to normal voltage has historically been technically difficult and expensive. Not anymore! Our modern state-of-the-art power modules help you ...

Hydrogenics Corporation

HyPM XR: Hydrogen fuel cell Power Modules for 'eXtended Run' backup power applicationsHyPM HD: Hydrogen fuel cell Power Modules for 'Heavy Duty' mobility applications HyPX hybrid fuel cell power packs (conventional traction battery alternatives) for material handling lift truck applications HySTAT: onsite hydrogen generation systems with options for compression, storage and dispensing capabilities

Hydronic Agencies Ltd.

Hartech Fluid Solutions


Henry A. Wiltschek Inc.

Heron Instruments

Hy-Tech Sal Inc.

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