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Business Names Starting with D

Discover Energy Corp. - D&V Electronics Ltd. - Dana & Co. Trading Inc. - Dataglobe Canada - Day4 Energy Inc. - Daymak Inc. - Daystar Energy - DC Solar & Wind Solutions - DC Solar Powered Solutions Inc. - Delviro LED Lighting - Dependable Turbines Ltd - Derand Motorsports - Desana Motors - Determination Drilling - Digital Solar Heat - Discover Perfect Energy - Dommelvalley Green Power - Durisol Building Systems Inc. - DURMA LED lights - Dutch Industries Ltd - Dwight's Drilling and Geothermal Inc. - DX3 Enterprises Ltd. - Dyco Solar Inc. - Dynamic Geothermal Systems Ltd. - Dynamic Solar Tech Inc. - Danby Products Ltd. - David International Service Co - Delete - Dellux International inc. - Direct Home Works - Direct Power Source (Canada) Inc. - Dirk & Price Engineering Ltd. -

Discover Energy Corp.

Discover-Energy is a powerful force, combining more than 60 years of seasoned management in the power protection, generation and energy storage industry. Discover the power of our leading global position in the design, manufacture and distribution of Clean & Green batteries and energy storage products. We manufacture and distribute clean and green batteries and energy storage products for a wide range of applications. Through innovative product development and impeccable knowledge-based services, Discover-Energyâ s team of over 2500 people worldwide set the standard for dependable and maintenance free Advanced Dry Cell power blocks. We invite you to join the Clean & Green energy movement by using one of our existing products or allowing us...

D&V Electronics Ltd.

D&V Electronics of Toronto, Canada designs and manufactures automotive test systems for endurance, laboratory and end-of-line production testing. Accuracy, flexibility and sustainability are the core of each of D&V's new generation of products. Since its inception in 1997 supplying electrical/mechanical testing systems to the alternator and starter remanufacturing industry, D&V Electronics has grown its product line into numerous electric powertrain testing and component testing systems which are focused on supporting worldwide automotive technology leaders looking for advancing their Hybrid/Electric Vehicle initiatives. D&V Electronics' highly experienced engineers; researchers as well as unparalleled regional service providers, support te...

Dana & Co. Trading Inc.

Manufacturer and distributor of drilling equipment for geothermal wells. The drill rigs are varied in different sizes and capacities including small drills for back yard geothermal well installations. We have synergized our knowledge and experience in the geothermal energy field to create a product line which will fit for any geothermal installation.

Dataglobe Canada

Day4 Energy Inc.

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Day4 Energy is a growing, global brand delivering innovative photovoltaic (PV) technologies, products, services and manufacturing solutions for the production of solar panels in residential, commercial and utility-scale applications. Based on patented innovations, superior product quality and exceptional in-field performance, Day4 Energy is extending the reach of solar energy. The company is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol "DFE". For more information, please visit .

Daymak Inc.

Founded in 2001, Daymak Inc. is the #1 seller of electric bikes and scooters in Ontario, Canada, with a distribution of 65 dealers across Canada. It is the proud designer, developer and manufacturer of the world's 1st wireless electric bicycle, the Shadow Ebike and the Daymak Drive controller. Daymak Inc. is driven by passion to create and develop the best consumer-oriented and environmentally light electric vehicles (LEVs).

Daystar Energy

DC Solar & Wind Solutions

DC Solar & Wind Solutions Canada. We are a green energy company that finances, distributes, Solar & Wind products to the Canadian & US markets at competitive prices from all the leading manufactures. We deliver to any major city in North America.

DC Solar Powered Solutions Inc.

DC Solar Powered Solutions Inc., was founded in 2004, since then we have been installing Solar Off-Grid Systems, Solar Panel Installation for the Ontario, Canada Feed-in-tariff program, Solar Trackers, Solar Air Heating Systems, Solar Cooling, Solar Hot Water, and Solar Lighting. We take pride in all our installations having installed more than 46 throughout Ontario, all work is completed on time and on budget. Just a call away at 416-998-6144

Delviro LED Lighting

CompanyDelviro LED Inc. is Canada's leading manufacturer and supplier of quality LED lighting products. We lead in worldwide energy efficiency research initiatives, policy advocacy, education technology deployment and communications that impactall sectors of the economy. We initiate and participate in public and private partnerships, collaborative efforts and strategic alliances to optimize resources and expand our sphere of influence and capabilities. ProductsAt Delviro LED, we're continually expanding our product range with industry leading design and engineering. Our LED products represent the best energy efficient lamps in the lighting industry, covering a wide variety of applications and budgets and our quality is unmatched and guarant...

Dependable Turbines Ltd

Dependable Turbines Ltd. (DTL) was incorporated in 1978 and is now a world leader in the design and manufacture of hydro-electric turbines. Our turbines range in capacity from 1 KW up to 10,000 KW. We can supply power house equipment all the way from sophisticated electronically regulated turbine generator units complete with switch gear and controls, down to basic turbines and related individual components with manual controls. With installations all over the world, it is an excellent testimony to our efficiency, reliability and cost effectiveness of our products and services that much of our business comes from repeat calls from existing clients. We have a reputation for getting the job done on schedule and on budget.

Derand Motorsports

Electric bikes, electric scooters, gas scooters, motorcycles, atv's, utv's, car starters, car alarms, car audio, window tinting, trailer hitches, bike racks, car & truck accessories, tonneau covers, truck caps, wheels tires, rim, e scooters, e bikes, hid lights, led lights, helmets, repairs and instalation, mobility scooters, navigation systems, audio speakers, dirt bikes, kids atv's. Clarion car audio, alpine car audio.

Desana Motors

Premiere source in Winnipeg for gas and electric scooters. Service is second to none for us with all work completed locally. With execellent customer service why go anywhere else.

Determination Drilling

Determination Drilling is a full service, professional, & cost effective drilling company. We perform Environmental, Geotechnical, Geothermal, Mining & Exploration Drilling anywhere in Canada. Our equipment is well maintained, and our drilling technicians are educated, safety conscious, & determined to complete your project. No job is too large or small for Determination Drilling to complete, & we guarantee you our full attention on your project. Please contact us with any questions you may have, we are always happy to help!

Digital Solar Heat

A complete Home/Office/commercial solar heating package with massive year round storage, primarily for new construction or existing builds with Hydronic in-slab heating. Can be built into most new EE Home. This can provide Free thermal heating for the life of the building once installed. Builders and dealer enquiries welcome. Can heat Homes, Commercial buildings, shopping centers, warehouses, aquatic and recreation centers, car washes, laundry services & hotel motels. Massive reduction in Carbon emissions.

Discover Perfect Energy

DiscoverPerfectEnergy was created to simplify the path for individuals interested in integrating renewable energy (wind, solar and geothermal) and energy efficiency strategies into their lives. A special "Post your Project" section matches individuals with compatible energy professionals and contractors. For those who may not know exactly where to start, the "Ask the Expert" is a means to post a renewable question and get answers from local energy experts.

Dommelvalley Green Power

Solar Panels & Photovoltaics Systems for Ontario's microFIT & FIT Feed-in Tariff programs.

Durisol Building Systems Inc.

Durisol is a proprietary material which is moulded and compressed to suit the desired aesthetic and technical requirements. Durisol is composed of only natural raw materials - specially graded wood shavings which are neutralized and mineralized before being bonded together with cement. Hardened Durisol is light weight, porous and very durable. Durisol poses no threat to the environment. It has no toxic ingredients, it does not support combustion, it offers no food for vermin. The softwood aggregate is a by-product from the lumber industry, as well as recycled wood from building waste. Durisol is a tried and tested material with a track record of over 55 years, 43 years in Canada and 9 years in the U. S. A.

DURMA LED lights

DURMA LED lights located in the heart of Toronto, Ontario Canada specialize in Professional LED lighting wholesales. 500 pieces of 12w gu10 light bulb is only $8. 50 each.

Dutch Industries Ltd

Dwight's Drilling and Geothermal Inc.

Saskatchewan dealer/installer for NextEnergy geothermal heating and cooling systems for homes, cottages, offices, workshops, motels/hotels, pools, and all commercial buildings. Why pay a monthly bill for fossil fuels when you can use your own yard or waterwell for all your heating/cooling needs?

DX3 Enterprises Ltd.

As a solar lighting manufacturer, DX3 Enterprises Ltd. provides a broad range of electrical engineering consulting services and electrical equipment manufacturing, as well as manufactured technology for distributed generation anti-islanding. For more information on how DX3 Enterprises Ltd. can assist you on your next electrical project, please contact DX3 Enterprises Ltd.

Dyco Solar Inc.

Dynamic Geothermal Systems Ltd.

We at Dynamic Geothermal Systems Ltd. have the ability to provide a drill for the installation of geothermal units to new residential and commercial construction. We are qualified in all aspects of drilling, in addition the service and maintenance of geothermal units after the project has been completed. One calls does it all! Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality workmanship and customer service.

Dynamic Solar Tech Inc.

Dynamic Solar Tech is a solar photovoltaic integrator. We have completed a range of installations for private, corporate and public clients. In addition to roof-mount systems, we offer building-integrated solutions for solar energy generation to go with the architecture of your building.

Danby Products Ltd.

David International Service Co


Dellux International inc.

Direct Home Works

Direct Power Source (Canada) Inc.

Dirk & Price Engineering Ltd.

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