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Aquatherm Industries, Inc. - Able Heating - Armec Cooling Tower Pvt. Ltd. - A&B Solar Inc. / A&B Audio - Advanced Industrial Components - AIC Heat Exchangers - AiD Engineering Ltd - Akasya BPV, Inc. - Akasya BPV, Inc. - AKS Heat Transfer - Alfa Biz Limited - Allards International Ltd. - ARauf Composite Power Technologies (ACPT) - ATR Solar (India) - Australian Panel Tanks - A-1 Industries - A. G. Cruz Trading and General Services - Abhi Exports India - Accrue Welding Co. - AKG Technologies - Alfa Marine - Allyn American, Inc. - Alok Enterprises - Alok Group Of Companies - Alpha Thermal Systems (Pvt) Ltd. / Solar Therm - Alternative Energy Group - Alternative Power Solutions - Altex Industries Inc. - American Energy Exchange, Inc. - Amin Sanat Co.Ltd - Amrita Heaters - Anand Agencies - Angeles Steel Services -

Aquatherm Industries, Inc.

Aquatherm Industries is the largest manufacturer of solar pool heating systems in the United States, the only U. S. manufacturer of NSF listed solar pool heaters, and the only U. S. solar collector manufacturer to achieve the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard. Aquatherm manufactures several of the industry's leading brands of solar pool heating collectors, including the Solar Industries and Ecosun collectors. Aquatherm's entire manufacturing process takes place at its 50, 000-square foot technology center in Lakewood, NJ - the most modern facility of its kind in the world.

Able Heating

Heating services and boiler repairs in Pulborough, Brighton and Crawley. Central heating, boiler repairs and oil heaters all attended to. Call on 0800 783 8412

Armec Cooling Tower Pvt. Ltd.

we are pleased to introduce ourselves as Mumbai, India based Armec Group, manufacturers of energy saving fan less Jet Cooling Tower. We offer an innovative technology based Cooling Towers to cut down energy expenditure/cost. In a way we also promote to GO GREEN and reduce CO2 Emission by the way of Energy Saving of Cooling Towers. Our Jet Towers can be used for applications in Steel, Sugar, Dairy, Fertilizer, Pharmaceuticals, Cement, Edible Oil, Power, Chemical, Plastic and other Industries that use Boilers & Furnaces. It is also used in Commercial buildings, Malls & Multiplexes. SPECIAL FEATURES:NO FAN NO FILLS; CONTANT EFFICIENCY; CAPACITY UPTO 1500 TR SINGLE CELL; RANGE OF 10 degree C WITH 3 TO 5 degree C APPROACH; TOTALLY NON-CORROSIVE ...

A&B Solar Inc. / A&B Audio

Certified Energy Managers, Certified Energy Auditors, Renewable Energies, Climate Control, Dehumidification, Energy Recovery, Photovoltaics, Thermosolar, Energy saving Appliances, Solar and Energy Saving Lights, Batteries. Solar Air Condicioning Research and Development, Solar Video Survilliance, Window Films, Smart Home equipment, Sound, Stereo, Audio, Multimedia, Wireless Equipment, Walk-in Green Store.

Advanced Industrial Components - AIC Heat Exchangers

AIC Heat Exchangers is a Manufacturer of heat exchangers. Heat exchangers include shell & tube heat exchangers, shell & coil heat exchangers, plate & frame, single wall & double wall brazed plate, indirect water heaters & instantaneous indirect water heaters. Heat exchangers materials are primarily stainless steel or titanium servicing the residential, commercial & industrial HVAC and refrigeration markets. Industries include pharmaceutical, food & beverage, marine & automobile industries, boiler & oil coolers, swimming pools, radiant floor heating, chilled water systems & ground water systems. Design & manufacturer for standard, custom & OEM projects.

AiD Engineering Ltd

AiD Engineering ltd is a firm focused on Design and heat recovery. The firm underakes projects related to geothermal, cogeneration and process engineering applications. It combines geothermal applications with total heat recovery systems for the process industry. Aid engineering designs open and closed loop geothermal systems to hotels, restaurants, homes and industry facilities. Geothermal cost estimation could be found on our website. Our firm undertakes manufacturing / construction projects throughout greece, and exports process equipment (heat exchangers - tanks, agitators, buffers etc)that has been manufactured in our manufacturing department.

Akasya BPV, Inc.

Akasya BPV, Inc.

We are Mechanical Engineers and Metal Fabricators. We are ASME U,S, and PP Stamp holders as well Industrial Valve makers. We make components for the Energy Industry including but not limited to Geothermal Systems, Wind Systems, Cogeneration. We also do project development and turnkey for mini energy systems such as mini hydro, cogenearation and distributed processing.

AKS Heat Transfer

Service, Repair, Refurbishment & Direct Replacement of most types and makes of marine and industrial heat exchangers

Alfa Biz Limited

Alfa Biz Limited is specialized in the manufacturing, designing and marketing of heat exchangers and oil coolers for industrial and commercial applications. valuable experience gained in the welding and materials has enabled us to build exceptionally reliable heat exchangers for land based duties including swimming pool heating, water cold oil cooling, marine cooling and heating, HVAC and refrigeration, waste heat recovery applications, and other areas where quality and reliability is paramount. The products are following:Swimming Pool Heat Exchanger Titanium Heat Exchanger Marine Oil Cooler Engine Oil Cooler Hydraulic Oil Cooler DC Oil Cooler Fuel Cooler Titanium Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Plate Heat Exchanger....

Allards International Ltd.

Allards International Ltd. is an UK based company providing heat transfer engineering solutions for high quality heat exchangers, associated pressure vessels and skid mounted packages to the offshore and onshore industry. Allards International is a supplier of many different types of process equipment and associated systems, satisfying differing heat transfer and pressure solutions. We also carry out consultancy services, i.e. studies and troubleshooting.

ARauf Composite Power Technologies (ACPT)

we offer household RO (Reverse Osmosis) mineral water plants under the brand name "HomeSpring". The household plant gives 150 Liters pure mineral water for a family of 10 persons for drinking, cooking, vegetable/meat washing being a complete protection from bacteria & virus - arsenic - chemicals - dissolved salts - sulfur & other industrial wastes. Water purity Standard conforms W. H. O. <40TDS in all household mineral water plants. The purification cost is as low as 10 paisas per liter.

ATR Solar (India)

We are one of the leading manufacturers of Solar Air Heating systems and Solar driers for various industrial drying applications like spices drying, fruits and vegetabels dehydration, timber seasoning, tea drying, leather drying, chemical drying, etc.,in India. We had installed many solar drying systems to all over India like Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andra pradesh, Maharastra, Gujarat. And doing consultancy on solar drying for foreign customers. Also we are supplying solar Solar Swimming Pool Heaters, Solar Water Heaters, Solar Concentrators, solar Cookers. Solar Desalination Plants, Solar Power Plants, Solar Street Lights, Solar Home Lights, Solar Lanterns, Solar Garden Lights, Solar Traffic Signals Solar Fan.

Australian Panel Tanks

Manufacture & Install Water/liquid storage, treatment tanks &systems for communities, factories mines etc. energy management and storage. Large to very large tanks 10, 000, 000 litres.

A-1 Industries

A. G. Cruz Trading and General Services

Abhi Exports India

Accrue Welding Co.

AKG Technologies

Alfa Marine

Allyn American, Inc.

Alok Enterprises

We introduce ourselves as India's leading manufacturer and expoters of: 1) Cupro-Nickel Tubes - 90/10, 85/15 & 70/30 2) Aluminium Brass Tubes 3) Admiralty Brass Tubes 4) Copper Tubes- Ec Grade, etc 5) Brass Tubes-70/30, 63/37, 85/15, 65/35. We are interested to be associated with you by supplying them fullest to your satisfaction. Waiting for long term associations. Thanks & Regards For Alok Group Of Companies

Alok Group Of Companies

Alpha Thermal Systems (Pvt) Ltd. / Solar Therm

Alternative Energy Group

Alternative Power Solutions

Altex Industries Inc.

American Energy Exchange, Inc.

Amin Sanat Co.Ltd

Amrita Heaters

Anand Agencies

Angeles Steel Services

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