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Solar Living Inc. - S. I. E. M. srl - Sai Titanium Products Private Limited, - Scandinavian Homes Ltd. - SEC Heat Exchangers - Sgt-solar - Shivshakti Metal Industries - Sirdi International - SKP Thermal Energy Sdn. Bhd. - Snowcool Systems India P Ltd - Solar Development, Inc - Solar Generators, EMHT Energy Team - Solar Sunlite - Solcan - Spray Engineering Devices Ltd - Starboard Engineering, Inc. - Starling Tubenest Engineering - Suraj Ltd. - Swep - Systems and Technology - Systems and Technology Co. / SERFILCO / GTI Engineering - S.V.Metal Ltd - S&S Engineering Services Company (Pvt) Ltd., - Samin - Samman Renewable Energy Corp. - Sarang Electricals Private Limited - Sarasota Solar Pool Heating Systems - SC Ost-West Srl - Se Jin Trading Company - Shanghai East Pump Group - SHELTER PRODUCTS SUPPLY - Sherscon Industrial and Trading Corp. -

Solar Living Inc.

With more than 36 years in the solar energy business we are New Jersey's most experienced provider and installer of solar energy equipment for heating domestic hot water and swimming pools and the generation of solar electricity. Visit our website to learn more about these exciting and cost effective technologies.

S. I. E. M. srl

Hybrid thermal photovoltaic panel.

Sai Titanium Products Private Limited,

We are one of the leading Manufacturer and exporter of Chemical Process equipment (in INDIA) out of Titanium,Tantalum,Zirconium, Niobium and other exotic metals, Nickel & its alloys(Monel,Inconel,Hastalloy) Duplex/Austenitic SS and other special alloys. Cathodic Protection Sacrificial anodes Like: High Silicon Anodes, Alluminium / Zinc / Magnesium alloy anodes, Copper / Zinc Anodes, Ferrous anodes, Cathodic Proteciton Impressed current anodes like: MMO coated Titanium anodes on different configurations.

Scandinavian Homes Ltd.

Passive houses require very small amounts of heat to stay warm. Become more independent of purchased heat and live in comfort.

SEC Heat Exchangers

SEC Heat Exchangers is a Canadian based firm. Our primary focus is the manufacture, and distribution of heat exchangers throughout North America, Europe and The Caribian Islands. We retain a very large stock of heat exchangers. Information about our products which include shell and tube, brazed-plate, plate and frame and non-metallic designs can be found at any of our web sites. www.heatexchangers.ca, www.brazedplate.com, www.secplateandframe.com, www.secshellandtube.com, www.indirectwaterheaters.com


sgt-solar offers various systems for energy-free pool heating, including solar panels, pool solar heating thermal blankets, pool safety covers and heat exchange/recovery systems for commercial and domestic use. We are pleased to answer any enquiry and aim to supply a suitable solar solution.

Shivshakti Metal Industries

copper pipes, coil, strip Stainless Steel pipes & fittings, Aluminum, Carbon Steel & High Nickel Based Items Like Monel, Incoloy, Iconel, Titanium, Zincronium, Niobium & Tungsten in every form.

Sirdi International

SKP Thermal Energy Sdn. Bhd.

Supplier for Shell & Tube and Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers to the Power, Petrol-Chemical, Oleo-Chemical and Food Processing Industry.

Snowcool Systems India P Ltd

Integrated Manufacturing and Project Engineering Company in HVAC, Process Cooling, Specialty Cooling Projects. Core Competance in Absorption Projects and Cogeneration Projects viz. Absorption Chillers with Flue / Exhaust Gas, Solar Water Heating for Airconditioning, Fin Fluid Cooling, Vapour Recovery, Refrigerated Air Dryers etc

Solar Development, Inc

Solar Generators, EMHT Energy Team

Solar On Rooftops PleaseWe are helping to Light up India Using Solar. Choose one of the best Solar power Team to help you light up your factories, offices, warehouses, institutes, resorts and hotels. Install your own Micro Solar power plant with EMHT Energy renewable energy solutions. Our product range includes On Grid Solar panel systems (Grid Tied Solar System), Off Grid Solar Panel System and wind solar hybrid systems. The renewable energy solution is worked on each client's energy requirements and the feasibility of every site. Our team specializes in providing individual solutions; our policy is to design a model which will offer the highest output. Our Solar solutions are most suitable for rooftops for industries and residential.

Solar Sunlite

Solar Water Heaters, Solar Panels, Flat Plate Solar Collectors, Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors, Solar Pool Heating, Pool Heating, Swimming Pool Heat Pumps, Air to Water Heat Pumps, Air Conditioning, Sales, Repairs, Servicing, Maintenance, Wholesale & Export enquires welcomed, Special Trade Prices, Malaga, Spain


Solcan manufactures specialized solar equipment such as solar collectors and solar domestic water heater packages. Since 1975 Solcan has supplied solar hot water systems for installation across Canada and in various sites overseas. Solcan is a leader in the Canadian solar industry and strives to maintain its reputation for quality and reliability. Solcan designs, installs and services solar water heating and swimming pool systems and grid-tie solar photovoltaic systems for residential customers, as well as providing turnkey solar heating and photovoltaic projects for various commercial, industrial and institutional applications.

Spray Engineering Devices Ltd

SEDL - world of energy efficient engineering

Starboard Engineering, Inc.

As an award winning mechanical engineering firm, Starboard Engineering is a full engineering service provider. Additionally, we design and manufacture heat exchangers for a variety of industries. Our facilities are equipped to conduct thermal performance testing, vibration analysis, structural analysis, pressure vessel analysis (pressure vessel ASME Standards) and corrosion mitigation in a controlled environment.

Starling Tubenest Engineering

Reputed Manufacturer of all types of Heat Exchangers (Shell/Tube, Fin Tube Types), Vertical/U-Tube bundle, Spares & Retubing, Agitators, Mixers, reactors, Tankless coils for reactors, Thermic fluid heaters & Boilers in all MOC. Manufactured as perYour Drawing/ Your requirement or existing equipment.

Suraj Ltd.

SURAJ STAINLESS LIMITED an ISO-9001 certified company is Manufacturers and Exporters of Stainless Steel Seamless & Welded Pipes, Tubes & 'U' Tubes. Our modern and well equipped manufacturing unit with all production and testing facilities is situated at Village - Thol near Ahmedabad, INDIA. Our comprehensive product range covers Stainless Steel Seamless & Welded Pipes, Tubes & "U" Tubes - from outside diameter 6. 00mm to 1016mm with wall thickness ranges from 0. 6mm to 25 mm for Welded and for Seamless 6. 00mm to 323. 9 mm outside diameter with wall thickness ranges from 0. 8mm to 25mm in standard length upto 30 meters. Our present manufacturing programme includes the production in Austenitic Grade TP-304, 304L, 304H, 316, 316L, 316H, 316T....


World's leading supplier of compact brazed plate heat exchangers

Systems and Technology

Systems and Technology is a supplier of engineering equipment that serves a wide range of industries all over Egypt, Africa, and the Middle East. SAT is the sole distributor for Serfilco Ltd., which has been manufacturing and supplying quality equipment for fluid handling and surface finishing applications and industries for over 40 years. We meet the need for high quality equipment for a variety of industries, including metal finishing, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, and water and waste water treatment. In addition to sales of equipment, we are particularly proud of our highly qualified staff. SAT works with several technical applications experts in the areas of electroplating, metal finishing, chemical processi...

Systems and Technology Co. / SERFILCO / GTI Engineering

SAT is your reliable source for all your pumping, filtration, and waste treatment needs in terms of equipment and technical assistance. SAT provides a wide range of products from highly reputable manufacturers, and offers technical services to its customers to assist in designing complete solutions. The experience of SAT is backed by a long list of experienced consultants that place their combined knowledge at the service of our customers. Call SAT with your problems or concerns. Our Engineering Deptartment is dedicated to finding the solutions that best suit the needs of your application/process. For more information check

S.V.Metal Ltd

S&S Engineering Services Company (Pvt) Ltd.,


Samman Renewable Energy Corp.

Sarang Electricals Private Limited

Sarasota Solar Pool Heating Systems

SC Ost-West Srl

Se Jin Trading Company

Shanghai East Pump Group


Sherscon Industrial and Trading Corp.

Manufacturer - waste heat recovery water heater using airconditioning or refrigeration units. (design, installation). 100% savings on electricity and fuel. Retailer, installer- mirrorized lighting reflectors(50% electricity savings on lighting fixture conversion)

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